Copywriting vs Content Writing: What you need to know? ( 2024 )

Copywriting vs content writing

The Main Difference between Copywriting and content writing is, The main goal of a copywriter is to write a short-form copy to sell your product or work on the lead to get a sale. On the other side content writers’ main goal is to provide accurate and well-researched Long form information to the audience.

If you are entering the digital marketing field, want to learn Copywriting or content writing, or If you want to Hire Copywriter or Content writer for your business, this blog post can help you with that.

Maybe you have queries about Copywriting vs Content Writing, What the difference between copywriting and Content writing is, and why these skills are demanded in Digital marketing.

Well, I am a content writer and have some knowledge of Copywriting, So I can help you with that.

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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is creative writing for generating more sales for your business. Copywriters write Short-form copy to attract more customers and also convert your website or social media visitors into Customers.

Writing an eye-catchy headline with some funny words or bonding people with emotional advertisements is the most used technique by copywriters.

Copywriters can write copy in Different aspects, it can be for your brand marketing or Product marketing.

A creative Copy can be used in:

  • Your sales Page
  • Emails
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Video Scripts
  • Product Description
  • Billboards
  • SMS marketing
  • PPC ads and more

We all see Video ads on television or social media, some well-known brands like popular web Hosting company Bluehost use funny but informative Video ads.

In Their Video Ads, they talk about the services they provide to the customers. Bluehost Video ads focused on people’s problems and what solutions Bluehost provides them.

Also, Copywriting works on people’s emotions and trust. some video ads tell how other people trust them and also why you can trust their services.

For Example, Grammarly is a well-known Content writing software that uses customer testimonials from different content writers to show how Grammarly helped them to write well-formatted content.

Copywriting is all about creative thinking. This is a short-form copy and it’s all about converting your Website visitors or Social media followers and targeted people into the customer.

Copywriting is a highly demanding skill because it helps to grow your business revenue.

What is Content writing?

Content writing is informational content to inform people about that topic. Content writing is long-form articles and blog posts which can help website visitors to solve their problems or learn something they want.

Content writing is an organic way to gain more visitors. That’s why big companies and startups are still focusing on content writing.

copywriting vs content writing
Content Writing Example by

Content writing is focused on SEO, the reason is SEO optimized content can rank higher in Search engines and get more organic visitors. A good content writer has a good knowledge of SEO and can write content for different aspects.

The content writer works in Different aspects Such as:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Email Newsletters
  • E-books
  • Film Scripts
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper articles
  • Book
  • Podcasts and more

Writing an engaging blog post with SEO or writing email newsletters for existing customers to keep relations with them is the daily work of the content writer.

A good content writer helps the company to grow its organic visitors and when your website or Social media page gets organic visitors through SEO they are targeted.

They can be converted into customers and buy your services, so this is a low-cost way to grow business revenue.

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What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Copywriting and content writing both are very different skills, and they work in different fields. A content writer can help to grow organic visitors, and a copywriter converts those visitors into sales.

Copywriting vs content writing Difference
Copywriting vs content writing Difference

Main Goal

The main goal of a content writer is to provide accurate and well-researched information to the audience. On the other hand copywriter’s main goal is selling your product or working on the lead to get a sale.

a content writer writes engaging and informative content to maintain good relations with website visitors. it helps to get more visitors and also grow your email list, and copywriters use those email lists to make product sales.

Content type

A copywriter writes short-form copy for Ads or Email campaigns, while a content writer writes 2000-2500 words of engaging blog posts, articles, or an E-book.

Copywriting is a short-term strategy used by brands and creative copy can help to get a sale in 2 or 3 days. the short-term strategy used for social media ads and PPC ads.

Content writing is a long-term strategy, well-written and SEO-optimized content can take 2 to 3 months to rank in search engines. A long-term strategy is best for getting visitors every other day.

SEO Skills

Content writer is an expert in SEO and writing engaging content, while copywriter has a basic knowledge of SEO.

SEO ( search engine optimization) is a required skill to be a good content writer. Getting rank in search engines and driving more organic visitors is a benefit of SEO.

While copywriters don’t need a good knowledge of SEO, because they work on Short term strategies like ads. Copywriters’ goals are making a sale not ranking on search engines, so they don’t care about SEO.

Also, there are some similarities in both fields such as having good writing skills, grammar, well-researched content

Copywriting vs content writing: Which is the most demanding skill?

If you want to learn copywriting or content writing, both skills are beneficial for you. In digital marketing, both skills are demanded and highly appreciated to get a high-salary job.

As I said, a Content writer works on blog posts, email newsletters, or related organic methods to grow an audience. So every business, Website, or startup needs a good content writer for growing their revenue.

Copywriting skills are needed to grow your product sales or get more leads. A business that wants to grow their sale or wants to do marketing of its brand in different aspects wants a creative copywriter.

Both skills are highly demanded in marketing, In my opinion, you can start with content writing and letter-learning copywriting. Having a good knowledge of Content writing can help you to learn copywriting faster than others.

Also, if you have an experience in content writing and now you are looking for a copywriting job, this content writing experience can help you with that. As per my study, every business needs a content writer rather than a copywriter.

I don’t say’ copywriting is not demanded in the market, I am saying that start with content writing and it will help you to learn to copywrite.

As I said businesses with products hire copywriters so there is a higher chance to work with big brands with big money as a copywriter, but all you need is good copywriting skills.

Both skills are most demanding and Pay a high salary when you become good at your work.

Content Writer VS Copywriter Salary

When it comes to the salary of content writers and copywriters, Glassdoor a well-known job board mentioned salaries through surveys and asking employed people.

Content Writer’s Salary

The average salary of a content writer in the USA is around $4,378 Per month. Salaries are differentiated by the countries, the average salary of a content writer is $2563 in the United Kingdom, $5823 in Australia, and $4472 in Canada.

On the other hand salary in developing countries like India are lower than USA and UK. The average salary of a content writer in India is around $263 Per month.

Copywriter’s Salary

Copywriting is one of the most demanding skills in developed and developing countries, big startups and unicorn companies with billion-dollar revenue are mostly based in these countries.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a copywriter is $3,986 per month in the USA, $2,794 per month in the United Kingdom, $7,407 per month in Australia, $4,800 per month in Canada, and $398 per month in India.


Copywriting and content writing are both highly demanding skills in digital marketing. Every New business hires a content writer to grow organic traffic and generate leads and hires a copywriter to get sales from these leads.

Having both skills makes you the perfect candidate for the job vacancy, but as I said start with content writing and then learn to copywrite.

You can buy courses on udemy or Skillshare to learn content writing and copywriting from Beginner to Professional.

So, What do you think, which is great for you? Copywriting or content writing.

let me know in the comment section.

I have three websites, one is an online store. In the last two years, I've learned a lot about online business. I had tested web hosting, email tools, website builders, Website Themes, SEO tools, and more. Now, I know what works well for success in online business.

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