Fastcomet Good Enough? Full web-Hosting review, Features, Speed, and More

Fastcomet Web Hosting Review

Fastcomet has its headquarters in San Francisco. The company serves the client globally and consistently outstretches its presence in untapped regions.

Since the incorporation of the business in the year 2013, Fastcomet was always on the verge of transforming traditional web hosting practices and bringing more sophisticated technology to support the growing demand of modern web users.

The company has achieved the milestone of acquiring more than 750,000 users worldwide. With a team of 70+ experts working in the background to enhance the services, the company is evolving as a trusted web hosting partner in the industry. 

Fastcomet servers are located at 11 locations, including prime regions such as Chicago, London, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Singapore.

The company is consistently upgrading the system and acquiring more server space to fulfill the growing demand of the users.

As the new server location gets added, the company plans to expand its business in various verticals and serve the customer’s full-fledged web hosting services.

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FastComet good enough?

We signup for the hosting service to test the features they offers. The first impression of the onboarding process is quite impressive. Every account holder receives access to their hosting immediately after making the payment. 

As we can see, the prices of web hosting plants are relatively low. Very few companies on the web can offer such features at a low price.

After getting control over the web hosting account, we enter the development face to see how the WordPress installation works. It was pretty smooth and easy to integrate. 

The experience has been good, and everything in the backend is working as expected. One-click software installation helped us get WordPress installed within a minute and access the admin panel.

All the typical features you find in the web hosting company are already in the dashboard, so you will not feel lost while using the services. 

Let’s see the features that Fastcomet web hosting offers to customers.


Modern web hosting companies are rated based on the performance they deliver to the users. Web hosting features are considered a ground to evaluate the services and users’ experience. We will dive into every element it offers and its benefits to the customers.

Fatscomet Web Hosting Review

24/7 Technical Support

Every customer signup for the web hosting plan is entitled to 24/7 technical support. You can reach the customer support team when things are not going well on the server.

The team has a success rate of 83% in solving issues raised by their clients within 15 minutes. Data clearly shows the team is quite experienced in dealing with technical issues and resolving the problem as quickly as possible, which is a good sign of a trusted web hosting company.

Optimized Hosting

Flexibility in adding more sophisticated software to enhance the speed of web hosting servers will give you complete control over the speed. You can make the hosting plan 70% better performance with the help of Free CDN, WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP), AMD EPYC™ CPU, and NVMe SSD.

Secured hosting

FastComet has collaborated with Imunify360 to offer you a free SSL certificate, malware scans, and firewall support to safeguard your digital assets on the web. 

Server uptime

The company also claims that it offers 100% uptime to customers. However, the average uptime per the industry standard is 99.9% over all the network computers. So you can expect short downtime on your website, email, and other related services.

cPanel Hosting

All web hosting plan comes with the integrated cPanel software. With the application, you could manage web hosting more comfortably. Also, the control panel is considered the best application to operate the website, so you get a secure platform to manage your website.

11 Datacenters

The server located in 11 data centers in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America offers less downtime and speedy hosting service. Get the hosting solution based on your target audience and improve their experience with high-speed services.

Free Bundled Services

Services you did not find in the above package are all bundled in the free services, including server monitoring, Bandwith monitoring, DDoS protection, Free backup and migration, and many more.

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The Fastcomet hosting plan comprises three options Shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and Dedicated CPU servers.

Share hosting plans


Cost: $2.95/mo
Single Website
15GB SSD Space
25 000 Visits per month
2 Cores CPU

FastCloud Plus

Cost: $4.45/mo
25GB SSD Space
50 000 Visits per month
4 Cores CPU

FastCloud Extra

Cost: $5.95/mo

35GB SSD Space
100 000 Visits per month
6 Cores CPU

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud 1

Cost: $47.95/mo
Single 2.50GHz Core
50 GB SSD Space
2 TB Bandwidth
2000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud 2

Cost: $55.95/mo
2 x 2.50GHz Cores
80 GB SSD Space
4 TB Bandwidth
4000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud 3

Cost: $71.95/mo
4 x 2.50GHz Cores
160 GB SSD Space
5 TB Bandwidth
5000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud 4

Cost: $111.95/mo
6 x 2.50GHz Cores
320 GB SSD Space
8 TB Bandwidth
6000 Mbps Network Out

Dedicated CPU Servers

DS 1

Cost: $111.19/mo
2x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores
80 GB SSD Space
4 TB Bandwidth
4000 Mbps Network Out

DS 2

Cost: $135.19/mo
4x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores
160 GB SSD Space
5 TB Bandwidth
5000 Mbps Network Out

DS 3

Cost: $183.19/mo
8x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores
320 GB SSD Space
6 TB Bandwidth
6000 Mbps Network Out

DS 4

Cost: $279.19/mo
16x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores
640 GB SSD Space
7 TB Bandwidth
7000 Mbps Network Out

Fastcomet Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Fastcomet web hosting service will help you identify the core advantages and loopholes in the services.


The hosting plan comes with SSD-only servers. It will ensure high loading times and a faster browsing experience.

Cloudflare CDN is caching to improve speed.

Regular backup of the stored data.

Free SSL certification.

99.99% uptime guarantee.

24×7 chat support.

Get unlimited emails with the MYSQL database.

Free website templates.

1 Click software installation.

Free domain and website transfer to Fastcomet web hosting.

cPanel to manage your hosting plan.

Free Firewall support.

45 Days money-back guarantee on all purchases.


The web hosting plan doesn’t have the free domain option where other top competitors win the battle.
Storage space offered in the plan is insufficient in many conditions. 


FastComet web hosting is here to stay. It will give tough competition to other players in the industry. As far as the service is concerned, the plans are designed very well. Pricing is affordable for first-time buyers.

Besides that, the backend system consisting of standard cPanel could support many matters and make the hosting management far more comfortable.

FastComet has everything you need to start your online business or blog and generate revenue. We have used FastComet web hosting for many months and never faced any problems with the services. 

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