How to Create NFT for Free?

How to create NFT for Free

NFT art is the most popular nowadays. Everyone wants to create NFT, Sell it, and Want to Earn Money. If you are an 

artist, creating NFT is simple for you. You can convert any old art as NFT and sell it on the Marketplace.

But people who are not an artist but want to create it, what do they do? For creating NFT art there are a lot of paid Software like Photoshop illustrator and others, but if are not an artist or creator you don’t have this software. There is a Simple Freeway for you to create NFT.

How To create NFT for Free?

For creating NFT there is a lot of free software but Canva is the Most Popular and user Friendly for creating any type of design.

You can create any type of design like creating a logo, creating banners, youtube thumbnails, or social media posts and you can also edit your short videos on Canva.

Canva Home

So this is helpful software for us to create NFT. you can simply visit and create your account. this website is providing free and paid features but for creating not you can use the free version of it. You can follow these simple steps for Creating NFT.

Canva suggests a lot of templates for your design, you can choose from them if you like them or create your one. You can change the color of the page by clicking on it. 

There are a lot of options on the right sidebar like Templates, Elements, Text Uploads, and More. To add any type of Element click on elements or search for what you want to add and canva shows you that element with a different design.

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You can Edit this Element by changing its color, if you saw NFT you know how they are made. You can change different colors for your art or add Any other element like Cap, background, trees, and more to your Art. You can also add text in it or short animations in it.

Create NFT for Free

You can create a lot of art with the same element, only change its background and Element color For different NFTs and Make your collection. add Different elements in a new art like Glasses, Cap or anything.

You can list this art On the marketplace and This is 100 % original art because you created it with your idea. This is one of the simple ways to Create NFT for free.

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