How to Create NFT? and Sell it on Marketplace.

How to Create NFT and sell it on Marketplace

NFT art is the most popular art nowadays. People sell anything as NFT and make money through their stuff. Most of the Famous NFTs sell for $69 M in NFT markets. 

People literary sell anything as NFTs, some people sell Memes, their Photo collections, funny videos, and a lot more. a lot of people are interested to sell NFT and Earning money, but a lot of things about NFT you should know before Investing your time In NFT.

What is NFT?

NFT means Non-fungible Token. NFT works Digitally, it can be Music, Video pictures, or anything. The created NFT is stored on Blockchain and You can Buy, Sell and Trade the NFTs. Each NFT has its Identification and license once created NFT, can’t get stolen or cant copied by anyone. 

Once listed NFT gets a license by its artist name, which means the creator of the NFT gets all credits and royalties of that NFT. Traders buy the NFT and Sell it to another, but every time NFT got sold the Owner of the NFT gets Commission from it. and This Process works for a lifetime.

A lot of artists create their art, paintings, digital art, and more, they sell their art as NFT on the NFT market and earn money from it. So if you are an artist NFT is the best way to earn money online. 

But you should know that for listing NFT you want to pay some Gas fees to Marketplace. 

What are Gas Fees?

Gas Fees mean some fees for listing NFT on their Market. These marketplaces take Gas Fees in form of Ethereum, so if you want to sell your NFT you should Buy some Ethereum for it.

There are a lot of NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Mintable, and Rariable. Their features and charges are different. Opensea and Mintable give you a feature for listing your NFT Gas Free, which means you can sell your NFT without any charges.

You can Earn Money in three Types with NFT :

1. Create NFT and Sell it

2. Hire an NFT artist

3. Trade-in NFT

How to Create NFT?

firstly, you can create your NFT or sell it. If you are an artist create your digital art or sell it on the marketplace. You can create any type of digital art like photo Manupluations, vector art illustrations, Vexel arts, typography, Short videos, and Motion graphics and you can also list your 3D files. 

You can create in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and 3D software. this software is paid but if you are an artist you have this software or the freeway to make NFT is Canva, you can also create NFT in Canva. you should create NFT in JPEG, PNG, MP4, and 3D format.

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I am also an artist so I created Vexel arts and was listed on the NFT Marketplace.

If you are not an artist, you can sell your old pictures or videos as NFT but it’s a risky way. it means your Picture or Video is Listed as NFT as Marketplace so Anyone can see it or Buy it, it’s like you sell your privacy on Blockchain. So It’s Not Preferable. 

If you are not an artist or don’t want to share Your Pictures or videos you can check the second Option.

Hire an Artist For Your NFT

you can hire an artist for creating NFT. There are a lot of freelance websites like Fiverr and, Freelancer. There is a lot of NFT artist, who creates NFT for you at affordable price. You can simply

  • Visit 
  • to search for NFT artists 
  • You get a list of NFTartists
  • You can hire anyone To create NFT for you.

We Picked Some of the Best NFT artists with high ratings and positive reviews.

Trade-In NFT

If you don’t want to create NFt or Hire an artist for It, you can trade in NFT but this option is for you if you have money for investing in NFT. trading in NFT like trading in crypto or Share market. 

For trading in NFT, you should buy a listed NFT with a listed price by an artist and sell it with your price. You can sell at any price. When you buy any NFT you can list it the next minute for sale.

When any other Trader buys your NFT you get your profit from it. For buying any NFT you should Have Ethereum or Polygon in your wallet.

The NFT market works with Crypto Currency so if you want to buy or sell NFT you should have Crypto Balance in Your digital Wallet.

NFTs have been listed as the highest price a minimum of 36 $, and there is no surety you bought NFT be sold. So think before trading in NFT.

How to Sell NFT?

when you create an NFT or get NFT from your Hired Freelancer, the next step is to list the NFT on the marketplace for sale. For selling NFT you have two types sell NFT with a Gas Fee or Sell NFT without Gas or for free.

For Both types, you must have a crypto wallet like Metamask, Coinbase, and more. Crypto Wallet is used for sending crypto, Receiving crypto, or storing crypto.

So if you want to sell with gas fees or even without gas fees crypto wallet is helpful for you to receive payments. You can create an account in any crypto wallet it’s free to create an account.

Selling NFT Without Gas fees

For selling NFT without gas fees, you can follow these simple steps.

Create an account on Opensea or mintable. this platform gives you a feature for Selling NFT art without any fees.

You can visit the site and click on create an account, for creating an account it asks for your crypto wallet ID. it shows an option with all crypto wallets. 

Select your crypto wallets like Metamask and Coinbase. After that go to your crypto wallet and confirm the account connecting request. and your account will be successfully created, you don’t need any information for creating an account. Once you create your account, you get an option for Create NFT.

Follow these steps:
  1. Click on create NFT
  2. select your File for Listing as NFT
  3. Give Name to your NFT
  4. write some Description of your NFT

Once you complete all this, you get an option for Gas fees. there are two types of gas fees Ethereum and Polygon. Click on Polygon for list NFT without Fees, and click on List NFT. After that, your NFT is Minted on the Market. 

Minting on market means you stored that NFT in your account, you can mint NFTs and sell it when you want.

Our Next step is to list the Minted NFT for Sell. For Listing The NFT just click on the Sell button, and you get a new window with price information. 

You can put the price for your NFT, price structures are available in Ethereum. You can add a minimum or maximum of any type of rice for your NFT.

After that Select the time duration for Your NFT sale, which means a particular time One week, one month, or more. Your NFT listed or sell in that time, if no one buys you NFT after the Listing period you get your NFT back in your account. And Click on Complete Listing and your NFT is successfully listed for Sell. 

There are cons and pros for without gas fee listing. The pros are you don’t need to pay any fee for listing and the Cons are Gas Free NFTs are not discoverable on the Marketplace, and traders cant find them easily. 

Sell NFT with Gas Fees

For buying with Gas fees, you should have an Ethereum balance in your Crypto wallet. For selling with Gas fees you should follow all steps mentioned over, but when you get an option for gas fees click on Ehetreum and Create a listing.

 When you click on create a listing you get information about how much gas fees you should pay and your confirmation for crypto wallet access. You can confirm the request and it will automatically cut mentioned fees from your crypto wallet.

If you sell your NFt with gas fees, your NFT is easily discoverable by NFT traders, and it’s easy to get sold earlier than gas-free NFT.

How do you get Money?

When any trader place a Bid on NFT add or adds you to cart your NFT you get an Email from your Marketplace. A trader who places the highest Bid for Your NFT in your Listing Period gets your NFT for placed Bid Price, and you get payment in Ethereum in your Crypto Wallet. List your NFT art for Small time it helps traders buy instantly.

So to get sold your NFT, do marketing of Your NFT art, and share it on social media or NFT forums so people who are interested in NFTs Buy your NFT.

( Disclaimer: this article is for information purposes only, please do your research before investing in any asset. Mentioned some links are our affiliate links, if you buy from these links we get some commission from it.)

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