How to Make Money from Fiverr without any skills?

Fiverr affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have any skills for starting freelancing on Fiverr, you can still make money from Fiverr Without any skills. Yes! it is possible and a lot of people are doing it. Here is the way to make money from Fiver without any skills, Become an affiliate.

Yes, promoting Fiverr, to your friends, family, and audience, helps you to make some extra money.

What is Fiverr?

Simply, fiver is a Freelancing marketplace where Freelancers sell their services. You can be a freelancer and sell your service or you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr.

How to Make Money from Fiverr without any skills?

First, you have to visit the Fiverr affiliate Page, Where You can Sign Up to become a Fiverr affiliate.

Fiver affiliate commission works on First Time Buyer. it is also called FTB. it means when you Promote a Fiverr GIG with your affiliate links, and someone clicked on it and creates an account for the first time and buys any service from Fiverr, you earn a commission.

fiverr affiliate homepage

Fiverr Commission Plans

There are different commission plans mentioned on this page. Let’s see it. There are two main types, One CPA commission, and Second Hybrid.

In CPA commission, You can earn between 15 to 150 dollars for every first-time buyer through your affiliate link.

In Hybrid commission, You will earn 10 Dollars for the First purchase and 10 percent of every service they purchase in the next 1 year.

When your visitor creates an account by clicking on the CPA link you get a commission from CPA categories. If they create an account by clicking on the Hybrid link, You will earn 10$ for their First order and a 10% commission on every service they purchase.

Also, there are some different commission plans for promoting Fiverr Workspace and Fiverr Learn. You can see all commission plans here.

CPA Commissions ( 15 – 150$ Per FTB )

For Promoting Fiver Pro services, You can make 150 Dollars Per sale. I mean for a first-time buyer.

If your Visitors create an account and purchase from different categories you will get a different commission.

Fiverr affiliate commission rates

Like, 50 dollars for Industrial and Product Design, data science, mobile apps, and e-commerce development. 40 dollars for the website and CMS, music, lyrics, etc. You can check all commissions Here.

To make money from a Fiverr affiliate, you have to create a Fiverr affiliate account. and this is very simple, For becoming a Fiverr affiliate, they don’t ask for your website name or audience size like other affiliate programs.
You will get your affiliate dashboard instantly, after signing up.

Here is the look of the Fiverr affiliate dashboard. first is the dashboard option, where you can see your analytics. Your links performance, sign-ups, and commission.

Fiverr affiliate dashboard

The second option is for your affiliate links, where you can find a lot of tools for promotion like Banners, widgets for your website, and deep links, which a lot of people use to promote Fiverr services. You can see all these options one by one.

How to create affiliate Links on Fiverr?

For creating an affiliate link Simply click on marketing tools and select default and deep links.

Here you get default links for the Fiver homepage, with CPA commission links, Hybrid commission links, Fiverr learns affiliate links, and Fiver sub-affiliate links.

You can copy these links and Promote them where you want. but if you want to promote a specific gig. You can follow these steps.

First, Visit and open a specific gig you want to promote. Copy the link from the link bar and come to the Fiverr affiliate dashboard. In the default and deep links section, you will see the option to make your link, paste your link and click on OK.

how to create fiverr affiliate link?

You will get your affiliate link. You can promote this link in different commission plans like Fiver CPA and Fiver Hybrid.

For higher commission, select higher commission gig categories. Category commissions are mentioned on the Fiverr affiliate page.

Where to Promote Fiverr Affiliate Links?

I mentioned some best and most free ways to promote Fiverr affiliate links.


If you have a website or a blog, You suggest Fiverr to your readers. Also, you can use Fiverr affiliate banners in your Sidebar and gig widgets in your blog posts.

If you don’t have a website you can create one by following our article on how to create a website or blog.

Social Media.

Promoting Fiverr on your Social Media is also a great way to get more sales. If you have a good amount of followers, it will help you to get more sales.


if you have a youtube channel with a good amount of subscribers you can Promote Fiverr services and put affiliate links in your video description.

When you have a good amount of subscribers, and you are uploading valuable and legit videos, your subscribers can easily trust you and use your recommendation.

Quora Answers

Quora is also a great platform for promoting affiliate links. on quora, you can find the targeted audience.

Search for questions about hiring someone or asking for suggestions. and answer their question, suggest to them Fiverr, and put your affiliate link.


Pinterest is a great way and in my opinion, this is the third search engine followed by youtube and Google.

You can create Pins about the best Gigs on Fiverr for SEO or Video Editing on Pinterest. And also add your affiliate link in your pin, it helps you to convert your visitors to your buyers.

all these ways are best to promote your affiliate link, and all of these are free.

Best Services to Promote as a Fiverr Affiliate

I searched for some well-demanded gigs on Fiverr. A lot of people on Fiverr and also on social media post about these services. They want to hire freelancers for their work. you can find them on social media and promote Fiverr to them.


SEO services are highly demanded services. You can see a lot of people asking for SEO experts for their websites or Youtube channel. You can suggest five to these people and make your commission when they buy from your affiliate link.

Voice Over

Voice-over services are also well-demanded services. A Youtube channel with no face needs this voice service. You can find them on youtube and send Messages or Emails and Promote Voice services.

Video Editing

A lot of people, social media influencers, and YouTubers don’t have a video editor. They edit their videos by themselves, and these videos are not very engaging. You can recommend them a good video editor on Fiverr.

NFT services

As you know, NFTs are becoming more popular these days. A lot of people made millions of dollars from NFT.

People want to create NFT and Sell it on the marketplace and want to make some extra money.

Also, NFT is the most searched keyword on Fiverr, so promoting this service can be helpful for you to get affiliate sales.

Article and Blogpost writing

A good and SEO-optimized article helps to grow a website. This is a reason that website owners search for a good article writer.

You can Promote article writing gigs to targeted People on Quora.

How to Withdraw Your Payment?

When you complete 100$ in commission you can request your payment. If your 100$ commission is complete in May, you can request a payment at beginning of the June.

When you request a payment, Fiverr verifies it and if your audience and first-time buyers are legit you will get your money.

Fiverr pays through Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank transfer. If you don’t have an account create your account on Paypal Or Payoneer for accepting payments.

I mentioned these ways to make money from Fiverr affiliates. You can follow these steps and some categories so you can make your first sale fast.


Joining a Fiverr affiliate is free?

Yes, it’s free to join a Fiverr affiliate.

What are the cookie durations of Fiver affiliate links?

Your affiliate link is last for 30 days, which means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys a service under 30 days you will get your commission.

How do I get my Payment from a Fiverr affiliate?

when you complete 100 dollars in a commission, you can request your Payment. Fiverr pays through Paypal and Payoneer.

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