Invideo Review 2024 | is invideo worth it?

Invideo best video editing Software for everyone

Invideo is an Online Video editor that comes with a lot of premade templates and it has a cool feature where users can convert the text in the video in only a few minutes.

When it comes to editing or creating the video we expect our software to provide the best features at a lower price. is software that provides a lot of features Like Text to Video Creator, Free Templates for Video Editing, and All Types of Video Formats for growing your business.

In this Guide, I share my Invideo review With Invideo pros and cons, its features, its Free plan vs Paid Plan, and its services.

Key Points

  1. What is Invideo?
  2. Features Of Invideo
  3. Pricing
  4. Who Can Use Invideo?
  5. How to Use Invideo?
  6. How to Edit Videos In Invideo?
  7. Conclusion

What is Invideo?

inVideo is an Indian Video creation company founded in 2017 by Sanket Shah, Pankit Chedda, and Harsh Vakharia. This company has headquarters in Mumbai. 

A lot of business persons like Kunal Shah and Haresh Chawla invested in the invideo.

Invideo Review

Invideo is a Video Editing Software that provides 5000+ premade templates and You can easily convert your text into video in it. 

You can create all types of videos, and ads and edit your video and it has also a music editing feature. Invideo is the most popular online video editing tool and has 2 M+ users worldwide. 

This is Super easy and Time-saving Video Editing Software you can use it in your Browser online on your PC. It supports Windows and MAC operating systems. 

Invideo has an Android app for video editing and it’s available On the Play Store with the name Filmr.

Invideo features

This Software Provides you with: 

  • Free templates with the drag and drops method
  • Easily customizable Templates
  • HD and Full HD video quality
  • Stock Footage
  • Stock Music
  • Text to Video converters

Invideo Pricing

Invideo Has a Free and Paid Plan Structure, and both of the plans have different features.

Free plan

In a Free plan, They Provide 5000+ Handcrafted Templates, 3M+ Standard Media libraries, Automated Text to Speech, you can create Videos In any Language, Social Media Calender, Intro & Outros, and Brand Presets, and 1 GB of Cloud Storage.

In the free plan, You can Create or Edit 60 Videos Per Month and Your video’s Duration should be 40 Minutes or a minimum. In this Plan, you get HD ( 720 PX ) quality for Video. 

They provide Stock footage and premium Media with this plan but all of this footage has a watermark and You’re Created or Edited Video also has a Watermark of the invideo.

Business Plan

In a Business plan, you get all Features included in the Free plan plus they provide Premium Templates, Background Removal for 20 Footage, Reseller rights for Templates, and 10 GB of Cloud Storage.

Business Plan Provides Watermark Free Videos Exports and Watermark free 10 Stock Footages for a month.

In this plan, you can Export Your Video with Full HD quality ( 1080 Resolution ). Business Plan Costs for $15 Per Month. If you are a beginner You can try this plan.

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan is best for everyone this plan has all the features included in the Business plan, as this plan’s name provides all the features for unlimited. 

in additional Features, you get 100 GB of cloud storage and Background Removal for 40 Footage. You can Export unlimited videos Per month. This Plan Costs $30 per month.

All of these plans Have a Free Help center, Free Chat Support, Free Outros & intros, Unlimited Team Members, and Team Sharing features and You can easily share your Video Link with anyone.

Is Invideo Worth it?

After using all the plans for some time, we find some important things about the invideo. If you are using the free version you can create all types of videos Easily but you get watermarks and Low-quality videos. It means If you are a Youtuber or your videos are related to work it’s quite unprofessional for you. 

As we know some YouTubers or creators use watermarks with videos, you can use your videos easily for YouTube but in Quality your Video quality must have a minimum of 1080 ( FHD ) quality. 

Invideo review

So it is one of the reasons to choose or upgrade the plan for the invideo.

In their paid Plan, They Provide the Best features with No watermark or Full HD quality. Also, you get premium templates and Stock footage.

Some of their features have Limitations in the Business plan you can export 60 Videos Per Month, this is not a big problem 60 Videos Per month is Enough for anyone. 

In Video Duration, You can create or Edit only 40-minute videos, as I know a lot of people like to edit longer videos like Video Tutorials or Short Projects.

Expect that all features are Good and when you get Premium Templates, automatic text-to-speech, Drag and Drop method Editing, Free Intros, and Outros, it’s worth paying $15 or $30 per month for that.

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Who can Use Invideo?

If you are an Individual or Student you can Use the invideo with the free plan. You do not need to upgrade, you can use videos with a watermark or Low quality. 

If you are a content creator, Youtuber, or Freelancer or you have to grow your audience you should use paid Features or a plan of invideo. 

As we know every person Needs to edit a video, it may be in their Personal life or professional, but we can’t afford big Video Editing software or licensable software like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. 

So Invideo is the Best Option for us, if you have big plans to earn more money through your Content, YouTube channel, or Freelance work you should pay A little bit for it, and $15 per month is not a big price. 

If you have a plan to use Invideo, you should know How to use invideo with Free or paid plans.

How To Use Invideo?

First of all, you need to create an account in Invideo to visit and create an account for Free. You can upgrade to paid features anytime.

Overview of HomePage

After creating an account you get a window with a lot of options like on the upper side you have Options for categories, content, Tutorials, adding team members, and Upgrading plans.

Invideo review

In a category, you can easily find premade templates and in the Content section, they provide Blog and Video Information. The tutorials section is best for every new user they provide all types of Video Editing, Text speech, Exporting Videos, and all types of tutorials for Free.

After that, the main Section is Video Editing Bar, in this bar you get three options Edit video using Premade Template, Convert Text into Speech, and Blank Canvas. You can Choose Any type of option for you. 

When you use Blank Canvas you will directly jump to Video Editing Panel, You should add Your Videos or Stock footage manually in it. To save time you can choose the Pre-made templates option. 


In this Option you get a lot of Templates with different categories, you should find an attractive template for your video and click on it.

Once you click on the template invideo asks you to Select dimensions for your video and on another side, it shows a preview of your Template.

You can check the preview and select a dimension for your video if you are creating a video for Youtube or some other work you should choose a wide ( 16:9 ) dimension, For Tiktok or Instagram reels you should choose Verticle ( 9:16 ) and you can also choose a square dimension for your video. 

After choosing a dimension click on Use This template and you can get a new window with all Video Editing Tools, Options, and more features.

How To Edit Video in Invideo?

Overview of Editing Window

On your Window you get 4 Types of options On the Left sidebar You get Options for free Templates, uploading Media, Free Images, Video, Music Text, Colors Settings, Stickers, and the Folder option for organizing your work.

Video Editing Bar

On the Top bar, they provide options for getting your Created Video and Upgrading plan. On the Right sidebar, you get an option for editing your selected template properties like Text and Images in Templates or Animation and Videos. 

In the middle of your project window with your current working Video and Behind this window, you get a timeline for adding or trimming Media.

Edit or Create a Video

For creating or editing a video you should upload your media into an invideo like your images, Text, videos, and Logo. After that, you can simply drag and drop your media to the current Video. 

For replacing video items with your Media you should click on the item or you can also replace it with layers. 

When you choose any Layer to edit you get another option on the top of the project window. On this toolbar, you get font size, color, animation, and Shadow effects for text and crop, Animate, blur, and Remove background options for your Images and Video. 

You can easily change the text or font type and Animation with it. For adding music or trimming video length you should use Timeline.

Export Your Video

Once you created or edited the Video you can export it with HD and Full HD quality, for that, you have to click on get your video. After clicking on it Invideo asks you to select video quality, select your preferred video quality and click on Export. 

Video Quality

After that, you get into the My Project tab, on this tab, you get all of your created Video Projects. Select your Created Video and wait some time for rendering your video. 

Rendering is a Process where you get the final output of your video with Selected quality and this Process runs automatically. When your video got rendered it auto-plays on your screen and you get an option to get your video.

How to Convert Text to Video in invideo?

For Convert Text to video, you should follow the same steps as Editing video. But When you select Template for your video invideo shows a News window for adding your Text or article. 

Text to Speech

You can also add your Article link or Media files to it. After adding your article or link make sure to click on the Auto-suggest Images and Videos option. 

This option helps you to find related images and Videos to your Article. You can also add your media to it. After that, you should get your project video to customize your Video

Text to Speech 2

You can arrange or add your media to it, this process is very simple Invideo adds Related Images, Videos, and Music to it and also suggests other related items so you change it without any hassle.

For exporting click on the button and After rendering your video you can get it with one click.


As we used this software with all plans it finds very useful and timesaving for everyone. With Their free plan, you get All features but they have limits, plus they add a watermark on the video. 

In a Free plan, they provide Only HD quality but it’s enough if you are a beginner or learning it. 

If you are a YouTuber or Freelancer you should use Paid plans that Provide Full HD quality and Unlimited options for their features. Overall Invideo is mainly focused on Time-saving, you can easily Create or Edit Videos on it Without any hustle. 

They Provide Free templates and Also Text to speech features in all of their plans. So it’s a great deal for video Editing and it’s Super easy than any other software. 

If you are not confident you can try the free plan, once you learned all of the things with invideo upgrade to a paid plan and Enjoy all the unlimited features of Invideo.

So this is my Invideo review, you can try this video editing tool for free. If you like its features you can upgrade them later.

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