Probo app review 2023 | Probo app real or fake?

probo app review

This article is a Probo app review, If you discovered Probo app opinion trading and have some questions about it you can find those answers in this blog post. This is a complete Probo app review, so it will help you with your queries.

Probo is an Indian Opinion trading app. Probo is an information market on all things important to humans. 

Participants can trade their opinions on a future event. Clashing of opinions produces information that is of great value to the larger populace. Eventually, truth prevails, the winner gets to earn while the loser gets to learn. 

Probo is founded by Sachin Gupta and Ashish Garg ( Probo Media Technologies Private Limited )

Probo mentioned on their website, that they have Big investors in their startups like Kunal Shah, Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal, Bhavik Kalodiya, and big startups like Razorpay.

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This Blogpost Includes:

Probo app Review

In the app, there are so many categories where you trade your opinion. Categories like crypto, sports, Finance, and entertainment. They Publish a question like Is crypto Going up By 2 Pm? traders like to answer Yes or No. 

Starting price of trading is 0.5 Rs and it Ends at 9.5 Rs, You also choose how many quantities you like to trade.

How do make Money From the Probo app?

Suppose you traded Yes for 1Rs, then Probo found your opponent who traded the opposite of your trade, and traded NO for 9 RS. If you win you get your opponent’s money in your wallet.

 Probo gets some commission from it, as you trade in high quantities Probo increases commission from it.

How to trade in Probo App?

Once You Create an account, you have promotional money in your wallet. You can use this money for trading. For trading, You have a lot of categories there like Crypto, business, sports, Youtube, and More.

  • Select your Favorite Topic for trading
  •  Check Trades
  •  Click On the trade
  •  Set your Answer to Yes or No
  •  You can choose How Many quantities you like to trade
  •  Swipe Right to Confirm the Trade

You can trade with 0.5 RS, and there is no limit for quantities of trade. As high quantities you trade as High profit you gain.

Probo app review

How to withdraw money from the Probo app?

The first time you get the app you get 25 Rs.promotion money in your wallet, if you have a referral code then you get 50 Rs instantly in your Promotional wallet. This money is only used for trading, this money you can’t withdraw it from your account. 

Once you won money from trading you can withdraw the money through your UPI. To withdraw the money you must submit your Pan card details on the app.

Probo accepts all UPI payment providers. You can Give your Google pay, Paytm, PhonePe, or any other UPI ID to receive your Payment.

You can Withdraw 1000 RS maximum Per day.

Probo – Get the App Now

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GET 50 Rs Instantly To trade

Probo app is Real or Fake? Can you trust Probo?

Definitely Yes! Probo is a legit app and they give money to the winners. If you are not sure, start with free promotional money to trade. Once you get trust in Probo you start trading with small money whatever you want to invest. This 100% safe app and its Legel in India.

probo app real or fake
Probo app’s Income proof

Bonus: if you Refer your friends on Probo you get 25 Rs in Your promotional Wallet. You can use this money for trading.

FAQs about the Probo app

  1. What is the Probo app?

Ans – Probo is an Opinion trading app. You can trade your opinion or predict future events in Entertainment, Sports, Bitcoin, and Finance.

2. How much money I can make from probo?

Ans – It depends on your Trade price and trade quantities. If you traded at a low price in more quantities, you get high returns from it according to your prediction.

3. Is Probo is a Legit app? Probo app Real or Fake.

Ans – Yes, Probo is a Legit and Real app. They give instant Money after you won the trade.

4. Is Probo is Legel in India?

Ans – Yes, Probo is Legel In India.

5. Can you win actual Money on the Probo app?

Ans – Yes, You will get real money if you won or your prediction won.

6. What is the Referral code for Probo?

Ans – Use Referral Code – gfjqud

Hope this blog post helped you with your queries.

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This is our simple Probo app review, hope this will help you with Probo. Make sure to use our referral code for Probo, you will get a bonus of 25 RS into your account. You can use this bonus to invest in trade.

( Disclosure: Mentioned links are our affiliate links if you get the app from these links we get some commission from it )

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