Best YouTube channels to learn Blogging In Hindi for Beginners in 2024

Do you want to learn Blogging in Hindi?

You can do it without paying any cost on YouTube.

Do you know that blogging is one of the most searched keywords on search engines? blogging ranked at 1 for making money online and making money from home. a lot of people are interested in learning How to start blogging.

Some people buy blogging courses from experienced bloggers online, but some people can’t afford the price of Blogging courses. So they search on Google or YouTube for learning to blog and how they can start a new blog or website and start earning from it.

If you are searching for a free blogging course there are a few experienced bloggers who teach blogging on their YouTube channel and this is free. So if you are interested in blogging you can search them on YouTube and learn how to blog.

Pawan Agarwal

Pawan Agarwal is one of the most experienced bloggers in India. He is the founder of a website where he uploads a lot of content about informational content, health, and beauty, current affairs, and Blogging.

His blog is in the Hindi language and He publishes a lot of content related to the Hindi language like Hindi poems, Stories, Quotes, and Shayari. Pawan started his blogging journey in 2013.

He ran a lot of websites and blogs for learning blogging and is his most successful blog from it. According to a similar web, His blog has over 570K visitors per month.

After getting knowledge and Experience in blogging he started a YouTube channel for people who want to learn to blog. His YouTube channel name is Learn and Earn with Pawan Agarwal.

On his channel, he gives knowledge about everything in blogging and He has a free blogging course on his YouTube channel.

He also reviews newly started websites from his subscribers and helps them to improve their websites. If you are searching for the best teacher for blogging you can Visit his YouTube channel and start learning.

Mangesh Bhardwaj ( Blogging QnA )

Mangesh Bhardwaj is a blogger and founder of On his website, he publishes content about blogging, SEO, and digital marketing. He started blogging in 2016 with micro niche websites.

After getting failure and a lot of experience in blogging, he started in 2018 for information related to blogging and SEO. Blogging QnA is his first successful blog and according to, his blog has over 500K visitors per month.

Mangesh has a YouTube channel with the same name Blogging QnA where he teaches about blogging and SEO. His YouTube channel also gives ideas to get more traffic and shows his blogging revenue. if you like you can visit his channel on YouTube.

Kritish Vyas ( Mr. Vyas )

kritish Vyas is a Blogger and founder of Blogginos and mrvyasidea. He started his blogging in 2016, on his website he publishes content about Blogging, SEO, and google ranking factors. He has 3+ websites and he spread his knowledge on the websites.

Kritish has a YouTube channel Named Mr.Vyas where he uploads videos for helping new bloggers. He makes videos on Blogging, SEO tips, and sometimes about Affiliate marketing.

Amit Mishra ( tryootech )

Amit Mishra is one of the most popular and successful bloggers in India. He is the founder of the website On his website, he publishes content about blogging and digital marketing.

Amit has over 10+ years of experience in internet marketing. He started his blog in 2017 to help people who want to start their online journey.

Amit has a YouTube channel named Amit Mishra ( Tryootech ) where he uploads videos related to Blogging and Digital marketing. He has over 100K subscribers on his channel and he helps them to grow their websites with His SEO and Blogging tips.

Amit Tiwari

Amit Tiwari is a digital marketer who provides SEO and Website Performance services on his Website He publishes a lot of content about SEO on his Website.

he has a YouTube channel the same as his name where he uploads videos to help new bloggers. His videos are About SEO and Google business tips. Also, he uploads practical Tutorial videos of SEO and marketing on his Channel.

Ws cube tech

WS Cube Tech is officially a service provider. On their website, they provide a lot of services like Android development, website development, and different types of Language courses for their students.

They have a YouTube channel with the same name where they upload videos and courses in digital marketing including Blogging courses, YouTube courses, Social media marketing, and a lot more courses.

If you want to learn different types of courses you can visit their YouTube channel.

Hrushikesh Roy

Hrushikesh Roy is a professional digital marketer and founder of Roy Digitals.  Hrushikesh has a YouTube channel with his name where he uploads videos and tutorials on Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and Business Growth formulas.

Hrushikesh has over 100K subscribers on his channel and he spread his knowledge to his subscribers.

On his channel he made a playlist for different courses, You can visit his YouTube channel and check for a blogging playlist to learn to blog.

Alright, these are some Indian YouTube channels to learn Blogging in Hindi. you can also check some other YouTubers’ videos but in our research, we found these are some YouTubers as the best for learning blogging. you can also check our article on how to start your first Blog.

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