Top 11 Best Web Hostings for Beginner to Pro Bloggers ( In 2023 )

top web hostings for bloggers

In this article we mentioned the top best web hosting for beginner to pro bloggers and big startups. If you are searching for web hosting this blog post can help you.

Hosting is the main factor for blogging. if you want to create your blog or a website, you must have Web Hosting for that. Now in this article we know which are the Top Best web Hosting providers for beginner to pro bloggers.

Let’s dive in right now!

Top 11 Best Web Hosting Providers

What is Web Hosting?

In simple language, Hosting is the Home of your Website. Hosting Provides your Website Speed, Stores your website, stores your website Data through Web servers.

Hosting is the most important thing for a Website. There are 8 types of Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress hosting,  Dedicated Server Hosting, Reseller web hosting, Colocation web hosting, and E-commerce Hosting.


Bluehost was founded in 2003, Bluehost has over 2 million websites on its platform. Bluehost provides you with WordPress Hosting, they provide you hosting, Domain, and Email services.

Bluehost has different types of plans. They have a Basic plan, Plus Plan, Choice plus plan, and Pro plan. All plans have different plans with different features. Their Basic Plan starts at $2.95 Per Month, which is best for small businesses and small sites. it is ideal for 1 website.

Bluehost Provides 1 free Domain, SSL certificate, and Free CDN with all Plans. Their other plans best provide unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and all plans auto-renew at their regular rate. Visit for More information.

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Hostinger has shared Hosting that Webhosting Provides you with the best hosting plans for just $0.99. Hosting has different types of plans, they provide Single web hosting, premium web hosting, and Business web hosting.

They provide Free SSL with all Hosting Plans and Free domains with premium web hosting and Business web hosting. Hostinger also provides Domains and Email Marketing Services.

Their single web hosting plan is best for beginners and it starts at just $0.92 Per Month. it provides hosting for 1 website, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 Email account.

Premium and business Webhosting provides hosting for 1oo websites, free domain with free unlimited Emails. Premium Plan has 100 Gb SSD Storage and Business Plan have 200 GB SSD Storage. If you have a small business go with these plans. Please Visit for more information.

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Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting companies. Hostgator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. Hostgator provides a Webhosting Domain register and Website Builders.

Hostgator has a Shared Hosting plan, WordPress hosting Plan, VPS Hosting plan, and Dedicated hosting plan. In Per Hosting, they have different plans for Singel websites and Unlimited Websites.

Their Shared Hosting plans start at $2.75 per month, WordPress Hosting for $5.95 per month, VPS Hosting for $23.95 Per Month, and Dedicated hosting for $89.98 Per Month.

Hostgator provides Free Domain and Free SSL certificates in all Plans. Check all Information on

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a2 Hosting

a2 Hosting is the most recommended web hosting alongside Bluehost and Dreamhost. Most Popular websites use this Hosting because they provide the best features to the users. a2 hostings price higher than another hosting.

They have Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared Web Hosting plans. Each Hosting has 4 Plans in it. Managed WordPress hosting starts at $11.99 for one website and a Higher plan for $41.99 with an unlimited Website.

a2 Hosting Provides a Free SSL certificate and Free Site Migration with all plans. Shared web hosting starts at just $2.99 per month for 1 website and Higher plans for $12.99 Per Month. In Shared hosting they Only Provide free
Site Migration with all plans.


Dreamhost is a popular Webhosting recommended by WordPress. Dreamhost provides all types of web hosting and Also Domains. they have WordPress Hosting, website hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

Hosting Plans start at just $1.99 Per month and Higher plans for $169 Per Month.

DreamHost Provided Cloud Hosting with $o.0075 Per Hour. There Each Hosting have different plans and They Provide a Free Domain and a FREE SSL Certificate with all website. visit and check the Full information and Full details of all plans.

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Godaddy Hosting

Godaddy is the most famous Domain Register and also provides Web-Hosting. For your kind information, Godaddy holds 20% of the Websites on their Hosting.

Godaddy provides the best feature to its users. They have 3 Plans, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. All plans have different features and Different Price structures.

There Economy hosting is best for 1 website and its starts at just RS.99 Per month. There all Hostings provide free Domains, free Emails, and click WordPress installs. Go to and see all plans and all price information.


Cloudways is the most popular Webhosting or big website, websites have 1M+ visitors per month they use Cloudways for their website. Cloudways Provide Free Site Migration and Free SSL with all plans.

They Have two categories Standard and Premium and each category has 4 types of plans. Standard Hosting starts at $10 per month, and Premium Hosting starts at $12 per month. check for full information.


Siteground is popular web hosting founded in 2004. Siteground provides a lot of features in their hosting plan. they have three types of web Hosting, Reliable web hosting, WordPress hosting, and also WooCommerce hosting. Three types have Different plans and different features.

Their Reliable hosting Starts at just $3.99 per month and it’s best for 1 Website. All Hosting plans Provide free SSL, Free CDN, and Free Email Bundles. Siteground provides 30 Days Money back guarantee with all hosting plans.


HostPapa is the best web hosting for beginners and also advanced Bloggers. They Have three types o plans Starter plan, a Business plan, and a Business Pro plan.

The starter plan for $3.95 per month and this is best for one website. HostPapa Provides Free Domain, and Free SSL With all Plans. If you are a beginner you can start with the starter plan with Hostpapa.

Liquid web

Liquid web is another popular website after Dreamhost. Liquidweb Provides Managed Cloud and web hosting. They Provide VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting.

Each type has different hosting plans. Liquide web plans start at $169 per month. Liquide web is Bets hosting for Large Companies and big Startups. These plans are much more costly than any other hosting provider.

Visit for More information about its plans and services.


Kinta hosted over 23,000 Websites on its platform. Kinsta has Five Plans, Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprises.

Their Starter plan starts at $30 per month and all plans provide Free SSL, Free CDN, and Free Migration.

This Hosting is best for Online Businesses and Small Startups. Visit for more information about web Hosting Plans.

Pro Tip: If you are Beginner just start with Bluehost, Hostinger, or GoDaddy hosting. These Hosting are New user friendly and affordable for Everyone.

( Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only, Please research before Purchasing any Plan. Some of the mentioned links are our affiliate links if you buy from these links we get some commission from them. )

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