What is BlueHost? Full Review Of Bluehost Web Hosting

Web hosting is the most important thing when you start a blog or your online business. Hosting provides land for your website or makes faster your website. Bluehost Provides you with fast hosting at an Affordable Price.

There are a lot of type of hostings for different areas, if you are a beginner or you have a small website Shared Hosting and WordPress hosting is best for you and if you have a large-scale business Cloud Hosting and VPS hosting is best for you.

Now in this guide, you get information about the most popular hosting Provider Bluehost.com.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers. Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Endurance International Group. Blue Host is suggested by WordPress alongside Dreamhost and Siteground. This is one of the top-rated hosting companies. Bluehost Provides Web

  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • Website Builder.

Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides three types of hosting for beginners Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, and hosting for online stores. Bluehost has another Hosting plan for Small businesses and large-scale projects, they have Dedicated hostings and VPS hosting plans for Big projects.

Bluehost has different plans in Each category, they Provide 12-month and 36 Month Subscription-based plans. Their plans are categorized as Basic, plus, choice plus, and Pro. All plans include Free Domain For 1 Year, a Free SSL certificate, and Free CDN.

Also, You get WordPress Integration and AI-Driven templates with their free Website Builder. Bluehost provides custom themes with all plans and you get 24/7 Customer support if you need any kind of help.

In addition you get Easy website creation with help of free Website builders, Domain manager, Google my business, and Credit up to $150 on Google ad Compains ( for new users only ).

Shared Hosting
  1. A Basic plan is the best for you if you have 1 website. This plan includes 50 GB of SSD storage and Customer themes. This plan costs $2.95/mo* for 12 Months Subscription.
  2. Plus Plan Provide Unlimited SSD storage for unlimited Websites. In addition, You get free Microsoft office 365 for 30 Days. This plan is for $5.45/mo* if you buy for 12 Months.
  3. The choice plus plan gives the same features as the Plus plan, in addition, you get Free Domain Privacy and Free automated Backup for One year. This plan costs $5.45/mo* with 12 monthly Subscriptions. Bluehost recommends this plan for all buyers.
  4. Pro Plan is the same as the Choice plus Plan but it gives additional features like free domain privacy, free automated backup, and Free Dedicated IP. This plan costs $13.95/mo* if you buy it for 12 months.

Bluehost also provides 36 Month Subscription term, in this term all features are the same but the price increases by 2$ per plan.

Bluehost provides dedicated hosting with three plans, Standard plan, Enhanced plan, and Premium plan. These all plans give Free Domain and cPanel and WHM with Root. All plans have the same features including Network bandwidth, Dedicated IPs.

Dedicated Hosting

Standard Plan costs $79.99/mo* for 36 Months subscription. This plan gives a CPU with, 4 cores, 4 threads, 3MB cashe and 2.3 GHz of speed and This CPU has 4GB of RAM. The standard plan provides 5 TB of bandwidth and 3 Dedicated IPs.

Enhanced and Premium plans have the same features as Standard plans. At an additional price, they give you extra Cores, Extra Threads, and Extra RAM for the CPU. These plans give you additional Dedicated IPs with an additional Network Bandwith up to 15 TB.

The enhanced plan costs $99.99 and the Premium plan for $119.99 per month.

VPS hosting has three plans Bluehost, Standard plan, Enhanced plan, and Ultimate plan.

VPS Hosting
  1. The standard plan gives you 2 Cores, 30 GB SSD storage, and 2GB for CPU, this plan provides 1 TB bandwidth and 1 IP address with cPanel. The standard plan costs For $19.99 per month.
  2. The enhanced plan Gives 2 Cores, 60 GB of SSD storage, and 4 GB of RAM for the CPU. This plan provides 2 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses with cPanel. The enhanced plan costs $29.99 per month.
  3. Ultimate Plan provides 4 Cores, 120 GB of SSD, and 8 GB of RAM for the CPU. This plan gives 3 TB of Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses with cPanel. The ultimate plan costs $59.99 per month.

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How to buy Hosting on BlueHost?

When you decide to buy an affordable plan for your website or business, visit Bluehost.com and Create your account, you can also create an account while buying any hosting plan. Later follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on Hosting in the Menu
  2. Click on the type of hosting that you like to buy
  3. Check the plans
  4. Select Plan

After selecting a plan you get the option of adding a free Domain. if you want to add the free domain you can create it on the free domain or You have also a second option to add your domain if you already have a domain name. you can do this process later after adding a domain or Skip the process.

Free Domain

You get a Sign-in page if you have already an account on Bluehost Sign in with your ID or if you don’t have an account, Create a New Account in Bluehost.

When you create an account, you get your Package information with the Hosting plan name and Price.

You get an additional option for buying Extra features of Bluehost, like SEO tools or SiteLock Security. if You like to buy these services click on the tick mark, and these services add to your plan.

Make Payment

the last step is Adding your Payment details, Bluehost provides three payment types, including Credit card, Debit card, and Paypal. Add your card details or Paypal email to the selected payment option. Click on the term and condition Box ( Read Before Clicking ) and Submit all information.

For paying to Bluehost, you got an SMS or Email through your credit card provider or Paypal account. Check the details and submit your payment to Bluehost.

Once you sent payment to Bluehost, you get an email with Billing information and Login details to your Hosting Panel.

   Visit Bluehost.com

BlueHost Domains

Bluehost provides you with a Domain registration service with all Domain extensions. Bluehost Provides your domain names for just $1.99 and additional Privacy protection ( Paid ).

How to Buy Domain?

Once you find your domain name add it to the cart. Also, you get an option for free hosting for one month. after that, you logged into the page with the Billing address and payment information. Submit your Address and Payment Information and Click on Purchase.

Bluehost Domain

After purchasing the domain you Get an Email from Bluehost with Billing Details and your purchased domain log-in information. Log in to your Bluehost account and connect your domain with Hosting.


Bluehost is the most popular Web hosting, it provides the best services to customers. They have 30 Days money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer care support. This is the best option if you thinking about buying hosting.

if you are a beginner at Blogging or starting a small business Shared hosting is the best option for you, it’s affordable and newbie-friendly. Although you have a significant startup plan with a lot of websites you can go with VPS hosting.

( Disclaimer: this article is for information purposes only, please do your research before buying any hosting plan. Some links are affiliate links if you buy from these links we get some commission from them).

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