What is Canva? | How to use Canva? | Review of Canva- Design Software

Canva is Online Graphic Design Software. Canva is founded in 2013 By Cliff, Melanie Perkins, and Cameron Adams. On canva, you can create social Media Graphics, presentations, Social media posters, and Documents and you can also Edit Short Videos. Canva Provide Free and Paid Services to its Users.

Canva provides you with a lot of templates for every design category, you can simply drag and drop elements for creating any Design. In short, canva is time-saving software.

What can I create In Canva?

You can create all types of graphic designs. Canva provides all information for creating social designs or any design, you get all size formats for your design.

You can create Designs for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or other social media tools with drag-and-drop templates. you can create logos, Flyers, posters Infographics, and also create short Slideshows for Office Work.

How to Use Canva?

Visit canva.com and create your account. Canva provides free and paid services, but you can create a lot of designs with free features. You can create an account with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media accounts.

When your account was created, you logged to another page where you get features like Create Design on the top bar. Canva also suggests popular designs and templates for their home page if you like anything from that, you can also choose from them.


Top Bar Features

On the top bar, you see options for templates, features, learning, and pricing. If you like to create a design with free templates, click on templates and you get all templates for Social media, personal use business, marketing education, and also trending Design.

All templates are categorized and you can edit those with a simple drag-and-drop method.

In the features category, you get images, backgrounds, icons, and print materials. You can use this material for your design and all images are royalty-free, you can use these images for free without any copyright issues.

There are other options For Canva software, You can get the software for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. Canva is 100% online software, you can’t use it without the internet.

The third option is for learning Canva and Design. Canva provides a lot of courses for free, they launched courses for logo design, social media design, personal branding, and courses for business branding.

You can join this course for free. Also, they have tutorials in this section, if you like to watch tutorials they have short tutorials for Video editing, Presenting, and designing.

The third option is a blog, they publish articles on daily basis. All articles are related to design and marketing and all these features are free.

The fourth and Final Option is for a canva paid Subscription. as I mentioned they have membership plans for Designers, students, small businesses, and large businesses.

All categories have different price structures and you can also request a demo for membership plans. If you are a teacher, or student, or have NONprofit organization like NGO and Help services canva provides all features free for you.

Sidebar Features

On the right sidebar, you get an option for your previously designed works, deleted design, and a Few options like Creating a separate folder for designs, creating your team, and some paid options like a Content planner and Brand Kit.

You can create your team with Six other Members. You can add teammates with their email accounts and invite links. This Option is the best option for you if you have a team of designers.

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How To Create Design?

For creating any Design, click on Create design. You get a lot of sizes presets for different industries and you also add your custom design.

If you don’t have any idea about the perfect page size for your design, just search your platform names like youtube or Instagram and canva shows you all size formats for that platform.

Canva Editing Tab

After selecting the size for the design, you get a new window with a blank white page. On the right sidebar, you get options for Templates, Elements, Uploads, Text, and Google drive.

If you want to use templates, you can click any template and Edit it with your ideas. canva suggest templates for Your selected platform like Youtube thumbnails or Instagram stories.

in a second option, canva provides elements like geometric elements, lines, Graphics, images, songs, and Short animations. These elements are royalty-free and you can use them without any copyright.

On the third option, you can upload images, videos, or songs from your device and edit in canva or use them for your design. Another option is for adding text, there are a lot of fonts you easily use for your design.

For creating the design you can choose any premade design, template, or Elements from this section. You can use simply the drag-and-drop method.

There is also an option for adding extra pages to the design. You can create a lot of pages at one time and save them in different files.

Save Your Design

You can save your design with this Option. You can save it in Jpeg, Png, Gif, Pdf, and MP4. you can also share your design with all social media platforms.

Save Your Design
What Extra feature is in Paid Version Of Canva?

If you check all templates, Elements, and Fonts some Premade assets are only for paid users. If you choose these Premade designs for your design, you can’t save them on your device, you must have paid membership for that.

In a saving option, there are One more option is SVG and this is for only paid members if you like to Save your PNG without any background you cant save it with the free version.

Canva Pro Features

The Canva provides a lot of other services with paid virion like Brand Kit, Premade templates, music, animation, fonts, background remover tool, Content planner, 1000+ premium premade presets, and 100 GB of storage.

Canva Pro or Paid membership starts with just 7$ or a 499 RS. if you purchased for 12 months its costs around 53$ or 3.999 RS. Canva provides a pay once upfront feature. It means no auto-renew, you can top up whenever you want.

You can purchase a membership with your credit card, debit card, and also UPI. Check their terms and policy privacy before buying a plan. The Pro version provides a lot of features and saves your time.

   Try Canva

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