How to Create a One-Page Website? | Easy way to create a one-Page website.

A lot of people want to create a one-page website for their business or any type of work.

These types of websites are simple and have a minimum of only work-related Posts. The main motive of these websites is to get Customers for your business. 

One Page Websites Have only One page on the site, on this page You can add your services, Prices, and contact details so your visitors can contact you.

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In this article, I mentioned some benefits of one-page websites and some easy ways to create one-page websites. So you can follow these steps to launch your one-page website.

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Why Need One Page Website?

One-page websites are most important for growing your business. If you don’t want a big website with a lot of pages and don’t want to post articles on daily basis, but won’t get customers for your business you can create a one-page website for it.

The one-page website is helpful for Digital marketers, Influencers, Freelancers, Shop owners, Doctors, Artists, and some other people.

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If you have a one-page Website, you can add your work samples, Pricing, and contact details to it. Also, you can add Your Previous customer’s testimonials on your Page, so your website visitors can See Your Work and Clients’ Feedback. And it is helpful for creating trust with your visitors.

You can also share your website link with your social media and Friends so they can also visit your website.

Another benefit is if you want to promote your website or run ads for your business having a website is helpful for you.

Advantages of One-Page Website

  1. No Content Required
  2. Getting More Customers
  3. Looks More Attractive
  4. Fast to load
  5. Creating Brand Value

How To Create a One-page Website?

For creating any type of website you should have a Domain name and a Trusted And Reliable hosting provider. 

A Domain name is the name of your Website like and Hosting is Land for a website that gives you Server and Speed for your Website. 

We published a Full Article on How to create your First Blog you can check the article to Start with the beginning.

For Hosting and domain names, there are some most popular and trusted brands like Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostinger, and Dreamhost.

I will suggest Hostinger for buying a domain and hosting, they have an affordable price and their plans have a free domain name and Free SSL certificate.

After buying Hosting and Domain you get your hosting panel account which is provided by your hosting provider. In this panel, you get a lot of tools and information to create or launch your website.

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Install WordPress

For creating a one-page website you should use WordPress. It provides a lot of plugins for creating websites without any hustle. A lot of Successful bloggers and also big business websites are created on WordPress.

For installing WordPress you get the option in your hosting panel with the WordPress symbol. Simply click on it and your WordPress is automatically installed.

After that, you get forwarded to your WordPress dashboard. on the dashboard, you get options like creating posts, Pages, and Customizing your website.

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As mentioned page website has only one page and A small number of posts. First of all, you should Create an important page for your website like about us, Contact us, and Privacy policy. 

You can create These pages with any free tools or websites available on Google. And the last you should create your Homepage which is the main page of your website.

When you create your website, WordPress automatically installs the default theme and Homepage for your website. But in these themes, The homepage looks so simple or not attractive.

Keep in mind having a well-designed website can help you to grow your business. So For getting More Customers or making your website attractive you should install another theme for your website. So there are some ways to Create an attractive Homepage.

Create a Homepage with Help of WordPress Themes

There are a lot of themes like Astra, Generate press, Divi, ocean Wp, and Neve. You can easily install one of these themes, These themes are available in Free and Paid Versions with different types of options.

When you search for any type of theme on WordPress, you get free templates of that theme with the Homepage and all other pages. 

If you want, you can easily install these templates with one click.

You can also customize it with your Information services and Contact details. If you don’t like these free templates you can customize your Homepage with your idea.

Create a Homepage with the Help of Elementor

Elementor is the Most famous website page builder. There are a lot of Bloggers and Website owners who use Elementor to create attractive and Engaging Homepages for their sites.

For installing Elementor you should visit the plugin Section on the WordPress Dashboard and Search for Elementor.

Install Elementor and Active it for creating a Homepage for your website. Once you activated Elementor you can easily customize or create a Home page with Drag and Drop Method. 

Elementor has a lot of free Pre-made Homepages and Tools for creating- A-page websites. You can choose any of these or simply create your design.

Hire Freelancer

If you have a budget for creating a Website, you can Hire a Freelance for it. Fiver is the Most Popular freelance market to hire any type of Freelancer for your work.

Hiring a Freelancer is a good way to save your money and time. Freelancers do good work at affordable prices and they do also fast work.

Buy Premium Themes

This is another paid way to create the design of your website. In this way, you don’t need to work yourself. You can Visit Digital Marketplaces and get themes for your website.

In This Pre-made theme, you get all page designs and Extra features provided by the Seller. You can easily install these themes on your WordPress, add your information and use it without any hustle.

Envato Market is the Most popular Digital Marketplace to buy Themes for Your website. 


These are some ways to create a One-page website or by following these steps you can also Full website for your Business.

If you want to create a one-page website you can follow these steps and launch your website with the help of WordPress and Elementor.

If you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section. I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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