Complete guide to starting Amazon affiliate marketing in 2024

Amazon affiliate marketing guide

Amazon Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous ways to make some extra money. If you heard something about affiliate marketing and want to do it, becoming an Amazon affiliate is the best way to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is one of the easiest and most profitable ways for you if you have any kind of audience or social media followers. You can suggest any product to your followers and when someone buys the products from your link you’ll get a commission from it.

In this complete guide, I am going to tell you everything about becoming an Amazon affiliate, commission plans, and ways to get more sales to your Amazon affiliate campaign.

Why Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is Profitable?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world, and it generated 46,980 crores USD in the last year. As per Similarweb stats Amazon gets over 700 Million visitors per month on their e-commerce website, which means, it is beneficial for Amazon sellers, amazon’s affiliate partners, and Amazon itself.

Amazon sells all types of products on its website, so if you want to become an Amazon affiliate you can sell any type of product you want.  

Also, joining an Amazon affiliate program is a very easy process and you get approved if you are eligible. When you get approved as an Amazon affiliate partner also known as an Amazon Associate, you can copy any product links and share them with your audience as an affiliate link.

What is the eligibility for joining the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program is very beginner friendly and there are only a few requirements to join an Amazon affiliate program. 

  1. Your age must be 18 Years or more
  2. You have to submit your website domain name, Social media profile link, or YouTube channel link ( amazon wants to know about your audience or proof of How you promoting an Amazon product)
  3. Bank account for receiving payments.

If you have an active website, app, social media account, or YouTube channel you can get approved easily. You have to show any one of them as your traffic source to promote Amazon affiliate products.

How to join the Amazon affiliate program?

To become an Amazon affiliate you have to visit after that follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Sign Up
  2. Submit your Email or Phone number and Password ( you should have an account on Amazon as a shopper )
  3. Or You can Create a new Amazon account and sign up later for the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  4. after signing in you will be redirected to the “creating an Amazon affiliate account” page.
creating amazon affiliate acconut

On this page, you have to submit your Payee name ( to receive payments ), your address, and Select the Person “who is the main contact for your Amazon affiliate account”

After this your next step is submitting your website or app link, you can add website links or app links as many as you want.  

submitting website for amazon affiliate account

If you don’t have a website or app you can add your YouTube channel or social media account links in the add website section.

When you submit your links amazon asks for your declaration about the website. If your website or app is for children under 13 age your website is not eligible for the Affiliate programs banner and links, check this field and click on the next button.

The next step is creating your Amazon associate ID, you have to create your personalized Associate ID. Also, amazon asks you to describe your website information and content type.

create amazon associate ID

You have to submit the captcha for the next steps, submit the captcha, and click on the next button.

hurray! now your application will be reviewed in the next 24 hours and after that, you can start promoting Amazon products. 

At the bottom of the page, you get an option for adding your payment method. You can submit it now or add it later.

When your account gets approved you have to refer some qualified affiliate sales in under 180 days to become an Amazon associate. 

Amazon Affiliate Commission Plan

Amazon has different commission plans for different types of categories. you can check the commission plan here. 

Amazon affiliate commission plan
Amazon affiliate commission ( )

Amazon has a higher affiliate commission rate for the kitchen and houseware category and it pays 9% of the product price per successful affiliate sale.

Also, the lower commission rate is for mobile phones and gold and silver coins, 1% for mobile phones, and 0.2% for gold and silver coins. 

If you have a niche website like gardening or baby care products you can check the commission profit according to your niche and start promoting your Amazon affiliate links.

Creating affiliate links for products is easier than creating an affiliate account.

To create an affiliate link for your preferred product simply go to and sign in and now you can see the additional bar to your Amazon and it’s called Amazon Stripe.

Now, select your preferred product, and to create an affiliate link, click on the text option in Amazon Stripe. 

How to create amazon affiliate link

Amazon had a Text+ image, Native ads, and Image link feature before but In ending of 2023, they removed other features.

The secret way to boost Your Amazon Affiliate sales

If you want to promote affiliate links all over the world and for targeted people, you can use some of the best ways. These ways are trusted by a lot of affiliate marketers and by following also you can start your affiliate marketing journey.

Create a Niche Website

If you don’t have a website, I suggest you make a Niche website (a Niche website means targeting one micro topic Like Gardening, Yoga, or Fitness ).

Creating a Niche website is more profitable than any other platform like a YouTube channel or social media account. You can create a website by following our guide on how to create your first website.

Amazon affiliate website Example
ahrefs blog

When you create a website you have to publish a blog post in your niche. If you have a website in the gardening niche start creating blog posts on gardening tips, or gardening equipment reviews.

If you write an attractive blog post with meaningful content and also do a good SEO you can rank in Google for your niche-related queries and your website starts to get organic visitors.

In your blog, the post suggests Amazon affiliate products so your website visitors can easily find them on Amazon and purchase them. In return, you get a commission from Amazon.

Keep in a mind that blog post with good SEO takes time to rank in Google, for this focus on keyword research on your niche and Also SEO ( search engine optimization).

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Try Social Media

You can also use social media platforms to share your blog post with your followers and friends, they can be your first Amazon affiliate sale.

For Social traffic, to your website, I suggest you promote your blog posts on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Quora
  3. Pinterest

Note: Promote your Blog post on social media, Don’t promote your direct affiliate links on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Quora. Amazon can take action against it.

Run PPC Campaign For Blog Posts

If you have a budget and also select profitable products for affiliate marketing, you can run PPC campaigns for it. PPC means Pay Per Click, which means you pay advertisers for every single click on your ads.

Keep in mind that you can’t use Amazon direct links or the Amazon logo, name, or any other information for advertising. That’s why I said, ” Run a PPC campaign for your Blog Posts”.

You can write a blog post about that product, it may be a review an article, or a comparison to another product. After that, you create PPC ads for your Blog Post, so there is no risk of ad Program violations or copyright problems.

In my opinion, Facebook ads are the best option to run a PPC campaign.


keep in mind being an Amazon affiliate is an easy process but getting your first sale is somewhat difficult. Also, choose a high-commission product on Amazon so you can make a good profit on every sale you make.

As I mentioned about promoting affiliate products on the website, in my opinion, this is the most trustable way for this, but ranking in Google and getting traffic on blog posts depends on your website content, marketing, and efforts.

I have three websites, one is an online store. In the last two years, I've learned a lot about online business. I had tested web hosting, email tools, website builders, Website Themes, SEO tools, and more. Now, I know what works well for success in online business.