Probo app review | probo app real or fake?

Probo app review | Probo app real or fake

Probo is a 100% real and genuine app, when you win you get money. Probo is a Legal app in India and people over 18 can use it. 

I Used this app for some time and also won some money. When you win you can instantly withdraw the winning amount into your bank account. 

How Probo Works?

Probo is an opinion trading app, that hosts different types of questions for sharing your opinion. questions like Does Bitcoin price go high by May 2024? if you know that particular subject, you can trade your answer in Yes or No.

off course You have to pay for the trade, the trade amount can be 0.5 RS to 9.5 RS. Also, you can choose trade quantity according to your choice. 

In the Probo app winner gets the loser’s money (the probo takes some commission ). Think about it, if the trade price is 1 RS and you traded 10 Quantities for 10 RS. If you win you will get 90 RS in your wallet. 

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FAQ’s About Probo App

  1. Is Probo Real?

    Yes, the Probo app is real, you get money when you win.

  2. Is Probo Legel In India?

    Yes, Probo is Legel In India. People who are 18 or above can use probo for opinion trading.

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