51 Best Business Ideas to start in India with Low investment

Best Business Ideas to Start In India

If you want to start a business in India with low investment but don’t know which one to start, I can help with that. In This blog post, I mentioned the 51 Best Business Ideas to start in India with a Low investment.

These business ideas are fact-checked. They could grow quickly if you give your best to them. Some of these are in Person and some of them are Online Business Ideas. I divided these into two categories so you can choose the type of business you want to start.

Also, these Business Ideas need low investment and low manpower. You can handle the business by yourself or hire one or two people for your help.

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Best Online Business Ideas to Start In India with low investment

Let’s start with Online Business Ideas. These are some great business ideas, you can start with low investment and handle yourself.

1. Digital Marketing Services

best Business Ideas to start in India

Digital Marketing is a very popular industry and every business needs it. If you have good digital marketing skills You can offer services to small businesses. 

Some small businesses don’t have websites or any social media. You can help them to set up their website, social media, SEO, and online ads. 

If you don’t have full Digital Marketing skills, You can Provide only one service like SEO or PPC ads. 

Digital Marketing is a fast-growing industry. If you start now, maybe in the future you’ll get big clients. You can charge them big money for services.

If You don’t have Digital marketing skills, you can learn them online. 

You can take a course on Udemy or Skillshare. There are a lot of courses at a small price that provide great information. 

2. Social Media Management:

Social Media Management is part of digital marketing. But, you have to manage your client’s social media accounts. Sounds easy but you must have good social media skills. 

In Social Media Management, you have to make posts. They are for different accounts. They are in different sizes. You publish them on social media to get more engagement and also engage with followers.

Now in this time, Social media is a big part of online marketing. Companies get a lot of customers through their social media accounts. So, having a good social media manager or marketer is necessary for them.

You can learn Social media management and marketing and start with small businesses. 

3. Freelance Writing: 

best Business ideas to start in India

If You love writing on any topic you can start a business in that field. You can start freelancing by providing writing services in a particular niche. Check Fiverr. Many freelance writers provide services there. They make a good amount of money from it. 

If you know a field like technology or digital marketing, you can get hired. To establish yourself as a freelance writer in a niche, you simply need to promote yourself.

To get clients, you can make profiles on freelancing websites. These include Fiverr and Upwork. Just setting up a profile is not going to work, You have to create a good gig where you tell people why they should hire you.

At first, you can charge a small amount for the work. You can raise your prices once you get experience and some client reviews. 

You can also find Freelancing work on Linkedin and Twitter. Some people search for freelancer writers on LinkedIn and Twitter. Make sure to create a good profile and bio for your social media. 

Include experience and a Fiverr gig link in your profile and be active on the platforms.

4. Virtual Assistant Services: 

Virtual Assistant is one of the fastest-growing industries. People are Hiring Virtual assistants to help in their work. 

Being a Virtual Assistant means, You help your client with specific work they tell you. Managing someone’s schedule can include many tasks. These range from posting on social media to organizing meetings.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can do this work from anywhere in the world. You need some good verbal and managing skills. If you are interested, you can create your profile on Fiverr and start working as a Virtual assistant.

5. Online Tutoring

Teaching online is a great business idea, You can make a good side income from it. 

Websites like Skillshare and Teachable are looking for skilled teachers in specific niches. If you have good skills in any field, You can try online tutoring.

You can also create and sell any specific course on Udemy, many people are doing this right now.

6. E-commerce Store

The E-commerce industry is one of the largest industries in doing business. You can sell handmade products, clothes, and kitchen products on your e-commerce store. You can also sell anything else.

Starting an E-commerce business needs some research. You need to find out which products are trending and will sell. If you sell handmade products, you need to make, store, and ship them when you get an order.

If you don’t have your products, there are other two types of business models. They are dropshipping and print-on-demand. You sell others’ products. You add your profit or print on them.

In this case, You need to find good products at low prices to sell them in your Store. 

I have a detailed guide on every Business Model you can check it later.

Also, Setting up an E-commerce store needs some skills. You can use Shopify to create your e-commerce store hassle-free or You can use Woocommerce to create an e-commerce store on a budget.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

Best Business Ideas to start in india

Affiliate marketing is a term where you promote a product to people with your unique link. When someone buys through your link, you get a commission. 

You can start with Amazon affiliate marketing. You promote Amazon products. When someone buys through your link, you get a commission. 

Affiliate marketing is a great business model. You can also join a niche affiliate program. 

You can get high commissions. Industries like web Hosting Providers and digital tools pay high amounts to their affiliates. 

Affiliate marketing works great if you have an audience in a specific niche. If you have a blog about Home Improvement, you can promote home products to your visitors.

If you don’t have any traffic source, creating a niche blog or YouTube channel can help you with that. 

8. Graphic Design Services

If you are a Graphic designer you can sell your services online. A lot of businesses search for good graphic designers for their companies. 

You can work as a freelance graphic designer, where you sell specific services. Like creating logos or creating social media posts.

If you don’t have any graphic design skills, you can learn them online. Many graphic design courses are available. They also give you a certificate. You can find them on Udemy or Skillshare.

After that, you can create your freelancing profile on Fiverr. Or, you can make your website as a freelance graphic designer. 

You can find your first client in your local area, Like cafes, hotels, travel agencies, or any other. Ask them if they need any graphic design services. 

For starters, get some good reviews. Then, raise your prices to match your skills. 

For any freelancing business, you have to find clients and make social media accounts. Being active on it can get you your first clients. They might be family or friends.

9. Dropshipping Business

As I said above, dropshipping is part of e-commerce. You find trending products with low prices and sell them for a profit.

In this business model, you don’t have to manufacture products and hold inventory. In dropshipping, you find products to sell. 

Then, you create an e-commerce store and add products with your profit. When you get a sale, you pay a product price to your supplier to pack the product and deliver it to your customer.

It looks easy but finding good products needs some research. Also, you have to find a good supplier. They provide a product at a low price and deliver it to the customer as fast as they can.

Dropshipping is unlike e-commerce. You have to promote and sell products, handle payments, run your store, and offer support.

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10. Digital Products

As Physical Products, you can create and Sell Digital Products to people. A digital product can be anything. It includes e-books and digital art. Also, notion templates, courses, fonts, designs, and printables and, resume templates. It can be many other things too.

A lot of people like Pasico Making a lot of money by selling only Notion templates. Some people have good design skills. They create Printables or designs and sell them on Etsy. 

They make a good income. If you have some good skills you can also create a digital product and sell them online on Etsy or Gumroad.

11. Online Coaching

Online tutoring and coaching are both good business models. They involve providing services to specific people. 

The main difference between these two models is that in coaching, the client seeks you out to be their coach. 

To succeed in this role, you need to be highly skilled in an area. This could be trading, cryptocurrency, personal development, or another relevant field.

12. Podcasting

You can start a Podcast about a specific Niche. Podcasting is very popular and growing fast. You can start a Podcast as a Business, with Podcasters like Pat Flynn making $100K Per month from it. 

You can start a podcast in low-competition niches. For example, you could interview small business owners or cafe owners. Ask them how they started their business, what problems they faced, and how they made money.

You don’t have to interview only business owners. It can be anyone, like writers, singers, athletes, firefighters, engineers, or anyone. 

People love to hear success stories. They want to learn something good from others. so choose a good niche, Get equipment like a good mike, set up a small studio, and start podcasting.

You can host your podcast on Spotify or Audible and also on YouTube.

Well, I don’t know very much about Podcasting but Popular Podcast Pat Flynn can teach you that. 

So make sure to check his YouTube channel by Searching Pat Flynn. 

He makes videos about podcasting including setup and how can you get guests to your podcast.

13. Stock Photography

Selling stock photos is not a business. But, you can make good money from it if you have great photography skills.

You can click some great photos and sell them online. Sounds easy, But no there are a lot of things in selling stock photos.

First of all, You need to know where to sell them and who gonna buy your stock photos. There are many websites like Shutterstock, Freepik, and Adobe Stock. You can sell your photos on them.  

People need stock photos for projects, like designing websites and creating banners, and ads. They come to this stock website. If they like your pictures, they buy them.

On this stock website, you can set prices for your stock images. When You make a sale the website cuts a small percentage from your sale and pays the remaining amount to you. 

14. Affordable Web Design

Web Design is a great Business and you can make a lot of money from it. In this Business, you design websites for other businesses to get more customers. And In return, you charge them with any particular price.

Also, Designing simple websites is not very difficult. You can learn Web design on YouTube, or udemy. You can choose any platform for designing websites. Options include wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and Bubble.

A lot of small businesses like salons, cafes, some hotels, and doctors don’t have their websites. Well, having a website is very important for any business it helps to get new customers. 

For just starting, contact small business owners in your area. Ask them if they want a website, and make one for them. Web design businesses need to invest in web hosting, domain names, and some tools. 

It also depends on How you gonna provide web design services. Some web designers only design website clients who have to take care of Web hosting and domain names. But That doesn’t sound fair, well small business owners don’t know about web hostings or domain names. 

So Provide a service where you set up Web hosting and domain name and then set up their Website. You can charge extra for this, but your client dont have to work.

Also, As said above in Any freelancing or client-serving business you need some skills to find clients. There are ways to find clients for your Web design business.

Starting a web design business is one of the best business ideas to start in India.

15. Virtual Yoga Studio

If you love Yoga, and it has helped you a lot, You can offer Online Yoga classes and workshops to people. You can teach them how to perfectly do yoga, and some great Asanas too. 

People Love yoga and having an Online yoga teacher will be great for them, they can do it in their home. 

You can host Live classes and Workshops for yoga, and charge people for it. Also, You can give them tips about yoga and health.

16. App Development

As A web designer, App development is also a good business to do. In this business, You don’t have to find clients everywhere. 

You can reach website owners or E-commerce store owners who don’t have mobile apps yet. Ask them if they want a mobile app and make one for them.

You can start by creating simple apps. For example, a mobile app for hotels helps to get orders online. It can be an app for Salon or doctor to book an appointment.

Well If you are interested in app development first thing you have to learn app development. Well, You can learn it by taking the course online. 

17. Niche Blogging: Start a blog on a specific niche

Niche Blogging is a great business, You create a Blog in a very specific niche. Publish valuable content on it. When your blog gets visitors, you can show ads and also promote affiliate products to them.

Blogging is a genuine business. Many people like Ryan Robinson, Pat Flynn, Adam Enfroy, and Darryl Wilson. They make $100k or more per month by blogging. 

Well, building a blog is easy but finding a good niche is kind of difficult. Also, when you set up a blog, you have to write valuable content. You must do SEO on your blog posts to get higher rankings in Google and visitors.

But when Your Website starts to get visitors, it is worth doing all the work above.

There are a lot of things I want to talk about blogging here but I have a separate blog post for it. If you are interested in blogging, You can read our guide on starting a blog.

If you treat blogging like a business it can be one of the best business ideas to start in India and already a lot of people doing this.

18. Online Language Classes

If you can speak more than one language you can teach other people who want to speak. A lot of people don’t speak English you can teach them. 

In this business, you can make your website for classes. Or, you can host your lectures on Udemy, Skillshare, or Teachable. You can charge any price from your students. 

Also to get more students you can run ads on Google or Facebook.

19. Social Media Consulting

Social Media consulting is a different business from social media management and marketing. In this business, you advise your client. You tell them about the techniques they should use to grow their social media followers. You also advise them on engagement. 

Well, to start this business you should have a good portfolio. You have to tell your clients how your techniques work for their social media.

20. Eco-Friendly Products Store 

Eco-friendly products are becoming more popular now. companies want to provide their products in eco-friendly packaging. Some cafes provide eco-friendly coffee cups and more. 

Businesses and also their customers want to use Eco-friendly Products. So there is a great opportunity to sell eco-friendly products to these people. You can sell Coffee cups, Bags, T-shirts, Straws, Toys and more.

Choose one product to sell, Find a great supplier for the product, and create an online store. Well, Eco-friendly products have higher prices than plastic products. So, you can add price according to the product.

Your customers can be Cafes, clothing shops, Malls, restaurants, Home decor shops, and more. Selling Products to other businesses is very profitable because they order in bulk.  

21. Online Craft Supply Store

An “Online Craft Supply Store” involves making a virtual platform. It is used to sell a wide range of crafting materials and supplies to artists, craft fans, and hobbyists. 

The business is a one-stop shop. It serves individuals seeking high-quality, unique, and specialized materials for crafting. 

The main advantage of an online craft supply store is the access it gives to customers. It lets them easily browse and buy a wide range of crafting materials from their homes.

The store can have a big inventory. It includes beads, fabrics, paints, brushes, yarn, tools, and other crafting needs.

The online craft supply store can enhance the customer shopping experience. They can do this by maintaining a well-organized website with clear product categories. They should also include detailed product descriptions and vibrant visuals.

Best in-Person Offline Business Ideas to Start In India

22 . Tuition Center

Offering tuition classes for local Students in your area can be good business. Find a Good Subject that you are good at, check your teaching skills, and start the business.

You can choose different subjects like Computer, Tally, or MS Office. Or, you can choose something for which tuition classes are not available in your area.

Also, you need not teach only those subjects. You can teach other skills like drawing, painting, or violin. People like to learn them in their free time.

Well, You can teach other people when you are good at that field. 

So, make sure you’ll learn first. You don’t need to be a master. But, you’ll charge your students for that. So, you have to be good at it.

23. Bakery from Home: Start a home-based bakery.

Starting a Bakery Business from home is really good business and it saves you a lot of money. You can Begin by checking local regulations and obtaining the necessary permits. 

Choose a niche. It could be artisanal pastries, gluten-free treats, or unique flavors. This will help you stand out in the market. Get quality baking tools for your kitchen. Also, build relationships with reliable ingredient suppliers.

You can create a logo for your brand. Also, deliver products in good packages. To get more customers, you can advertise on social media. Create Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

If you have a budget you can run Facebook and Google ads in your city or specific area. Facebook and Google have this feature. Your ads will only show in your city or chosen area.

You can also create a YouTube channel about Baking so it will be your extra income. You can grow your Bakery business. You can do this by creating an online store. Or, you can sell bakery products to shops or cafes near your home.

24. Freelance Makeup Artist: Provide makeup services for events.

Makeup artists make a lot of money in their business. Well, If you are not a makeup artist you can learn it. 

You can also work as a makeup artist. But, starting a freelance makeup business is a good way to make a good income. When you learn to do makeup, first buy the things you need. Then, start promoting yourself as a makeup artist.

You can Start with your Friends and relatives, in this business only mouth-talking can be effective. Where you tell your friends and then they tell their relatives and more friends.

Like any other business, you can run ads in your city to get more customers. Facebook and Google ads will be very helpful for that. You can be a makeup artist for specific types of events. These include family functions or school gatherings.

25. Local Catering Services

Starting a local catering service is one of the best business ideas. You may see catering businesses at events. They need good cooking and management skills.

You can start by understanding local rules. Then, comply with them to get needed permits. Specialize in a niche. It could be gourmet appetizers, themed events, or specific diets. This will make you unique in the local market.

26. Event Decoration Services

Starting an Event Decoration business will be profitable for you. You just need good Decoration and management skills. You need some investment in this for decorative products and equipment. 

When you start a business, charge a low price. Give the best service to the customer. This can keep customers coming. Like other local businesses, start promoting your business. Do this by running paid Facebook and Google ads for your city. 

You can create a website and social media page for bookings. You can also try to give a small discount on the first booking. 

The event decoration business will make more money if you get more clients. For example, Hotels, Parties, and Functions. So, giving value to the customer is very necessary to get more customers.

27. Handmade Jewelry Business

Homemade jewelry is getting popular now. A lot of people create handmade jewelry and sell it for a good amount and make good money.

If you are interested in Jewelry making you can start this business. With minimal upfront costs, You can turn your passion for crafting into a profitable venture. 

You can start by exploring various jewelry-making techniques. These include beadwork, wire wrapping, and metal clay. 

If you don’t know about jewelry making, invest time in honing your skills. Stay updated on jewelry trends to offer stylish designs. 

After that, you can start selling it. You can start an E-commerce store on Etsy or Shopify. Also, create social media accounts and post content regularly. 

You can share jewelry photos and videos on social media and make your online presence. You can sell your Jewelry to your followers by sending them to your online store.

Well, the Jewelry business has high potential if you start now, you can expand it as much as you can. You can run paid ads for or hire small social media influencers to promote your products.

28. Customized Gift Baskets

Selling Customized Gift baskets is one of the good businesses. In this business, you sell personalized Gift baskets on any special occasion. Have you heard about Snackmagic? They provide personalized snack boxes to companies. 

The companies give them to their employees. When New Employees join, a company gives them a link to choose a personalized Snack box as a Joining gift.

Personalized Gift Basket also works like that. You can give them different products. For example, office and school accessories, books, makeup, and kitchen items.  

Your customer can be a school, non-profit organizations, Offices, or small companies. In this business, you have to create an online store. It will have many types of products to choose from. You also have to manage their inventory and shipping.

29. Fitness Instructor

You can turn your passion for fitness into a successful business. You can do this by becoming a local fitness instructor. 

You can start fitness classes right in your community. They offer a convenient and personal approach to health and wellness. 

It’s important to customize your classes. You can do this whether they’re high-energy aerobics, calming yoga, or specialized programs. You must cater to the diverse needs of your clients.

You can charge your customers with monthly or yearly subscriptions. Also, you can charge extra for consulting.

30 Mobile Salon Services: 

This is a great business idea. You provide salon services by visiting customers’ homes. Many people are busy and lack time to visit the salon. They are always looking for mobile salon services. 

If You already running a salon business, you can expand it by providing mobile services. If you don’t have one, you can start thinking about it. You need to invest some amount in it. 

You need Salon equipment, Products, and a small vehicle to travel with your salon kit. You need it for when you get an order. 

Like other businesses, you can start by promoting your business. Use your friends and family. After that try to run Paid ads in your city.

31. Cooking Classes

Teaching people how to cook tasty dishes is a great business idea. Well, a lot of people doing this by creating a YouTube channel. But if you are interested You can start cooking classes in your city.

It would be great if you mastered one cuisine. For example, you could take classes about only Indian, Chinese, or Italian food. By doing this, you’ll become a famous teacher for that particular cuisine. 

Later, You can start a YouTube channel about it so you can make more money.

32. Interior Design Consultation

If you love designing interiors, you can start an interior design business. A lot of people want a good interior designer for their home. so it would be best if you were one. Of course, you need design skills for it. But, you will provide basic interior design consultation.

Well, if you have a budget you can hire one or two Interior designers to work for you. You gonna have to bring clients and Your employees gonna work for you.

You revamp single rooms. You give practical decor advice. Your consultations add style and function to every project.

You can start promoting your business from local networks, and social media and then try Paid ads. 

Interior Design consultation is one of the best business ideas to start in India.

33. Gardening Services

If you love Plants and have good gardening knowledge, you can offer these services in your area or city. 

Many people love garden plants. But, they don’t know about planting and care. These people need one to teach them or work for them, You can be perfect for them.

This Business needs investment for buying gardening equipment. Start with your neighbors, and ask them if they need gardening services. To expand Your business you can create a website and also run paid ads specific to your city.

34. DIY Craft Workshops

If you love arts and crafts, You launch your DIY Craft Workshops for local craft Workshops. 

You can share your love for creativity and craft. Do this by leading hands-on workshops. In these, participants can learn new skills and make unique, handmade treasures. 

You can teach about crafting unique home decor, personalized gifts, or seasonal projects. You can charge your customers per session or monthly fees. 

You can also sell them arts and crafts equipment and tools to make more money. 

35. Local Photography Services

Local Photography service business is one of the popular businesses. If you love to click photos and have good photography skills, you can start thinking about it. 

If you don’t have any photography skills but still want to do this business you can learn photography. You need some investment in buying a good camera and some other photography equipment.

You can provide these services in your local area. Your friends and family members can be your first customers. You can ask People in your area if they have any events in the future. 

Also, you can make your website. You can use it to share your photography portfolio and contact info. Then, people can hire you.

36. Language Translation Services

You can speak and understand many languages. You can provide translation to local businesses. 

Many businesses want to expand to other languages. But, they can’t speak or understand those languages. 

You can work for them. Provide your services at minimal prices, so your clients stick with you. You can increase your prices after some time.

45. Candle Making Business

Making candles is popular now. Some people make them by hand and sell them online on Etsy or in their own Shopify store.

You can also do this, You need some investment to buy supplies like wax, fragrances, wicks, and molds. Also to sell them online you need to create a Shopify website or Etsy store. 

Also, You need to handle product inventory and shipping after sale. Well, this business has a high-profit margin if you do this well. 

You can get customers to your store by sharing it on social media. You can try Facebook or Google ads, and do influencer marketing. 

37. Local Tailoring Services

You have sewing skills and a machine. You can offer tailoring and alteration services in your local area. If you don’t have skills you can learn them.

Tailoring services are needed in every area. If you provide great services, you will get many customers. You can charge them according to the market and your skills.

38. Local Art Classes

Starting a Local art class business is a good idea if you have Drawing and painting skills. A lot of parents love to send their children to art classes so they can be creative. 

Also, You can teach adults who are interested in it. You need a separate classroom for this or you can do this in your house extra room. You need art equipment like drawing boards, papers, colors, Paint brushes and more. 

You can charge your students a monthly fee or yearly fee. You can also sell them art products like drawing books, brushes, and more.

39. Local Cleaning Services

You can start your own local cleaning business and it can be an exciting journey. First things first, assess the local demand for cleaning services in your area. 

Take note of potential competitors. Understand the unique cleaning needs of your future clients. 

As you delve into this venture, check the local regulations. See what licenses and permits you need for a smooth start. 

Your dedication to acting professionally, being reliable, and being trustworthy will be the cornerstone of your business. It will lead to its success.

As you start your cleaning business, set a clear price structure. Base it on factors like space size, cleaning frequency, and services offered. 

Your commitment to great service will not only build satisfied customers. It will also set you apart in a tough market. 

40. Herbal Beauty Products:

You can start your own herbal beauty products business. It’s an exciting venture. It can align with the growing demand for natural and organic beauty solutions. 

You can start by delving into market research. You can learn what customers want and who your competitors are. Look for gaps in the market or areas where you can offer something unique.

Next, focus on sourcing high-quality herbal ingredients. Finding reliable suppliers is crucial to ensure your products are authentic and effective. 

You can develop a range of products. It can include skincare, haircare, and personal care items. 

41. Local Dance Classes: 

Offer dance classes for various age groups.

If you are a good dancer, you can start a local dance class. You can teach kids or adults to dance in a style like Zumba, Breakdance, or Freestyle.

You can start this business with your empty home space, or get a space on rent. Also, you need some equipment for your dance class like sound, mirrors for the walls any other products needed.

You can Charge monthly fees to your students, if you are teaching them good skills they will be happy to pay your fees.

42. Mobile Repair Services

Starting a mobile repair service business in your area is a great idea. Nowadays, most people own a smartphone. But, these devices sometimes have issues with their software or user interface.

Not everyone knows how to fix these issues. They have to find a nearby mobile repair service.

You can learn mobile repairing skills or hire someone who can do this. find a small place for the opening shop, and get some necessary equipment. do a small marketing by placing banners and ads in your area.

You can also provide mobile repair services by visiting customers’ homes.

43. Local Bookkeeping Services

You can start a local bookkeeping service. You will play a vital role in helping small businesses with their finances. 

Start by learning basic bookkeeping principles. Get to know easy accounting software to streamline your processes.

Define your services with clear pricing. Include packages that cover key bookkeeping tasks. The tasks include tracking income and expenses. They involve reconciling bank accounts and making financial reports. 

Adjust these packages to meet the specific needs of local businesses in your area. Show the practical value you bring to their finances.

44. Local Plant Nursery: Start a small plant nursery.

You can start a local plant nursery and turn your love for plants into a rewarding business venture. Start by identifying the plant types that thrive in your local climate. These types are popular among local gardeners. 

This could include many flowers, shrubs, or specialty plants. They should cater to the tastes of your community.

Find a suitable location with ample sunlight and space for your plants to grow. You can operate outdoors or buy a greenhouse for certain plants. The choice depends on your space and budget.

Build relationships with local suppliers or growers. This will ensure a steady and diverse supply of healthy plants for your nursery.

Create an inviting retail space where customers can explore and purchase your plants. The staff knows a lot. They can give gardening tips and advice. This creates a friendly and helpful atmosphere.

Use social media and events to promote your nursery. They help you connect with local gardening enthusiasts.

Offer a variety of plant sizes and price points to accommodate different customer preferences. Consider hosting workshops. They will educate the community about gardening and plant care. 

You can build a reputation for quality plants and expertise in your local area. This will help your small plant nursery thrive.

45. Local Sewing Classes: 

If you love sewing, start a local sewing class. It’s a great way to turn your hobby into a fulfilling business. To get started, identify the specific sewing skills that are in demand within your community. 

This could include basic sewing and mending, quilting, or more advanced techniques. By catering to the needs of your community, you can build a successful and rewarding sewing business.

Choose the right location for your sewing classes. It should have lots of space for sewing stations and be easy for your target audience to reach.

The classes are for different skill levels and interests. 

They include beginner sewing, garment construction, home decor, and accessories.

Create a welcoming and inspiring environment for your sewing classes. It should have sewing machines, cutting tables, and all the needed tools and materials. 

Consider promoting your classes locally. Use advertising, social media, and community boards. They will help you connect with potential students.

Start local sewing classes. You’ll share valuable skills and help your creative community. It’s a fantastic way to turn your sewing expertise into a fulfilling business endeavor.

46. Local Organic Farming

Starting an organic farming business is exciting. It aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Start by finding the types of organic produce that thrive in your local climate. Also, find ones that are in demand in your community. 

This could encompass a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, or herbs, depending on your region’s preferences.

Selecting the right plot of land is crucial for the success of your organic farm. Look for a sunny spot with good soil. 

It should follow organic farming standards, avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Plan a diverse crop rotation system to enhance soil fertility and minimize the risk of pests and diseases.

Create a comprehensive business plan outlining your farm’s goals, target market, and budget. Consider setting up a farm stand. You could also sell at local farmers’ markets. Or, you could partner with local grocery stores or restaurants to sell your organic produce. 

Use both online and offline marketing to promote your organic products. Highlight their health benefits and sustainability.

Starting an organic farming business provides a platform for sustainable agriculture. It also meets the growing demand for organic, locally sourced produce. 

It’s a rewarding journey that allows you to make a positive impact on both the environment and your community.

47. Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Services:

Starting a Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Services business means diving into the needs of women who are expecting. It also means diving into the needs of new mothers.

You can start by doing thorough research on the mother’s health. This includes childbirth and postpartum challenges. This will lay a solid foundation for your services.

Offering full prenatal education and emotional support is crucial. Help with postpartum recovery can be crucial too. They empower mothers during this vital time.

You might consider teaming up with doctors and specialists. They can help provide a well-rounded support system. This system ensures a complete approach to maternal well-being.

You will need to build trust in the community. This is key for launching and growing your Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Services business.

48. Local Homemade Snacks Business

Starting a Local Homemade Snacks Business involves making and selling homemade snacks. You sell them at local markets or events.

You can start by trying different recipes and flavors. This will let you make a unique selection of homemade snacks. They will cater to local tastes and preferences.

You can set up a booth at local markets or events. It can showcase your homemade snacks and let you connect with customers.

Consider offering samples. Also, engage with customers to gather feedback. Use it to refine your offerings to better meet their needs.

You need to build a strong presence at local markets or events. You need to establish a reputation for delicious, high-quality homemade snacks. This is key to your business’s success.

49. Subscription Box Services 

Starting a Subscription Box Services business means making and delivering themed subscription boxes. They are filled with local or handmade products.

Start by looking into local artisans and creators. They will have a unique selection for your subscription boxes.

Create boxes with themes that match what your target audience likes and wants.

We partner with local businesses and artisans. They provide high-quality and exclusive products for each subscription box.

Have a smooth delivery system. Keep delivering loved boxes. This will help your Subscription Box Services business grow.

50. Offer home-based plant consultations. 

Starting a Home-Based Plant Consultation service involves offering advice on indoor plants. It also involves providing plant care services online and locally.

Begin by learning about indoor plants and their care. Research the needs of different plant types.

You can share your expertise through online consultations. You can provide advice on choosing, placing, and caring for indoor plants.

Consider offering local services. For example, home visits for plant assessments and care. They provide a hands-on approach to plant consultation.

You will need to build a strong online presence and local network. This will be key to reaching plant enthusiasts. It will also help establish your Home-Based Plant Consultation business.

51. Local Artisanal Soap Making

Starting a Local Artisanal Soap Making business involves creating and selling natural soaps. They are handmade and sold within your community.

Start by getting high-quality ingredients such as oils, butter, and essential oils. Use them to craft unique and nourishing soap recipes.

Try different scents, colors, and textures. They will create a range of soaps. The soaps will appeal to various preferences.

Consider selling your handmade soaps at local markets or fairs. You can also sell them through online platforms to reach more people.

You must build a reputation for high-quality, natural products. You must also make connections within your community. These things are essential for your Local Artisanal Soap Making business to succeed.


Remember, the business world is full of opportunities. India is full of potential for new ventures. 

You might be drawn to traditional businesses, deeply rooted in Indian culture. Or, to modern, tech-driven startups. There’s a path for everyone. Leap, pursue your passions, and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Lastly, for those inspired to explore these ideas more, consider putting your venture online. Today’s digital age makes a website vital. It can greatly boost your visibility, credibility, and reach. 

Online platforms can help businesses show their products. They can also engage with their audience and grow.

Wishing you all the success on your entrepreneurial journey in India.

These closing words can leave a lasting impression on your readers. They can also motivate them to act on their entrepreneurial goals.

So, these are the best business ideas to start in India, you can research more about them and start when you want.

I have three websites, one is an online store. In the last two years, I've learned a lot about online business. I had tested web hosting, email tools, website builders, Website Themes, SEO tools, and more. Now, I know what works well for success in online business.