Top 7 tools that help you to grow your Youtube channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. A lot of people search there any query on Youtube. Some people use it for their daily Entertainment.

Youtube has over 50M+ creators on its platform, this number is growing Fastly.

A lot of creators on youtube started their careers as full-time YouTubers. Youtube creators get paid for their videos, and this is one of the reasons a lot of new people want to start their youtube channels. Opening a Youtube channel is very easy, but growing your audience on youtube is not easy.

Creating Youtube video

Creating videos and Uploading them on youtube consistently is very important for growing your audience but some tools help you to grow your channel fast.

In this guide, you get knowledge about that tools. If you are a YouTuber or Might be thinking to Start a New youtube channel. These Tools Help you to grow your audience and earn some extra money.


SEMrush is the most famous keyword research tool. A lot of bloggers and YouTubers use this tool for finding searchable topics for their channels.

This is paid tool, You can use this free for 7 days. it helps you to find the most searched keywords on Google and Youtube, so you can create videos on that topics.

TubeBuddy is an SEO tool for youtube. Now if you don’t know about SEO, in a simple language SEO means Search engine optimization. For getting views on your youtube videos, you must have done SEO after creating the Video.

You should Search for trending Topics or highly searched topics with low competition and create Videos On these topics. Tubebuddy helps you in both processes before creating a video and after creating a video.

Tubebuddy helps you to find searchable topics on Youtube. you can create a free account with your youtube channel and after that, you get the option to add the extension to your account.

Keyword Reaserch

When you search anything on Youtube Tubebuddy shows their search Volume, related Keywords, and maximum views on that keyword. You can also check your competitor channels’ Videos tags And SEO settings.

You can research any topic with help of tubebuddy and create your video. When you add tags in your video it shows trending tags and perfect searchable tags for that keyword.

Tubebuddy Provides Free and Paid features. You can try the free version and if you got impressed with the tool you can Buy their plans.


VidIQ is also an SEO tool for Youtube and this is a Competitor of a Tubebuddy. VidIQ has a lot of features that help you to grow your youtube channel.

This tool provides Free and paid services with different features. Both tools are most important for your youtube channel. You can choose anything between them, Both are best in their features.

Social Blade

The social blade is a website where you can easily find information about all social media platform accounts. like youtube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and other social media accounts.

You can check Particular youtube channels’ Growth, their current Subscribers, decreased Subscribers, daily Views, earnings, and other Information. This website helps you to find your competitor’s youtube channel information.


Camtasia is screen recording software for Windows or Mac. If you make tutorial videos or Gameplays. This software helps you to record your screen.

A lot of YouTubers use Camtasia and Suggest it to other YouTubers. This is free software, you can simply install and use it on your device.


Invideo is an online Video Editing tool, it helps you to create awesome videos, and create youtube shorts, and it also has a feature for Converting your text into video.

This software has free and Paid features and it provides 5000+ free video templates and Stock Footage.

If you don’t have video editing software you can try Invideo. You can easily edit or create videos with the drag-and-drop method.

In the free version, they add their watermark to your videos. But this is not a very big issue, You can try the free version of it and after some time you can shift to the paid version of it.


Canva is the most famous online graphic design software. you can create a lot of things in canva including your Youtube thumbnails, Logo, Cover photos, and Social media design.

Create NFT for free

Canva provides a lot of free templates in every field. You can use simply the drag and Drop method for creating your designs. This tool is very helpful for creating your Youtube thumbnails for free.

This software provides a lot of royalty-free graphics, images, and videos. So you can use it for your youtube channel.


If you have the budget, you can create a website related to your Youtube channel. A lot of YouTubers have their website and they drive traffic to their video through their Websites.

It is very helpful to grow your youtube channel. As you know Google is the largest search engine in the world. If you create a website, publish some valuable content on the website.

It may be a chance to get traffic on your website, You can Connect your youtube channel and your youtube videos to your articles.

So it may help you to convert Your website visitors to your Youtube subscribers. You can also monetize your website with ad networks to earn money.

Creating a website is not a difficult process, You can read our article on how to start your first blog for the information.

These are Some helpful full tools and websites which help you to grow your youtube channel.

( Disclaimer: this article is for information purposes only, Please do research before investing your valuable time in any tools. Included some links are our affiliate links, If you buy the product from these links we get some commission from it.)

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